Beyond the Silence is the Sound of Heaven


Are you familiar with the feelings of silence from Heaven, that Your Father is busy doing something else and not paying attention to you?

Listen and hear what is beyond the silence, hear what He is speaking to your heart into the fabric of your days….Hear the sound of Heaven…

I walk with you in companionship.  Good friends do not always need to communicate with words, the strength of their friendship lies in the comfort of their periods of silence.  

They are so in tune with one another they know each other’s thoughts, they feel one another’s pain and share in each other’s joy!

Friends walk united; they walk as one, not needing the flow of words between them.  So it is My child, with you and Me.

I know you completely and walk with you in the intimacy of that knowledge.

 I am loving you and I am pleased with you.  I love the way you love and desire to walk in step with Me, wanting to catch every Word My lips may form. You come so close that you hear the beating of My heart.  You hear the sound of Heaven in My comforting and familiar Voice.

I will help you find comfort in the knowledge that in the place close to My heart words are not always necessary.  In that place is deep and abiding trust and friendship, a place of perfect peace and comfortable companionship.  When you are snuggled up next to My heart, all striving ceases and you enter into My rest.

I was silent with Abraham for fourteen years and I called Abraham the friend of God.  I was silent and in that silence, keen hearing was developed.  You too can hear what is beyond the silence.

Because of the Cross, things are different now and My Spirit dwells within you, you are My resting place, your heart is where I have chosen to dwell.

The instruments in the Temple were overlaid with refined, pure gold.  

Living in you, I overlay you.  I make you to be a child who is purified and refined and the glory of My life within you causes you to shine and be radiant, pure and holy.

You and I working together as one because you have chosen to allow yourself to be a vessel of honor for glorious purposes.  It is also your choices and desires that set the pace of our walk.

 I am always right here with you and I am always forging the life within you even as iron sharpens iron.

I walk with you in companionship.  I love you, I affectionately fashioned you with My very own hands!  I am not trying to make you into someone else nor do I want  you to be like any of My other children, save for My character and nature being manifested through your life.

 Each of you is unique and special to Me.  Though some of your giftings may be the same, the way you move in them are unique to each person.

The yielded heart of love and surrender attracts Me to your side.  The yielded heart of love and surrender is what I see in you.

If you all operated the same way, your giftings would create a cacophony of noise to Me.   Each of you is an instrument in My symphony, each of you, when yielded to Me allow Me to produce the music.

There are periods of rest in music, enjoy those times, enjoy the stillness within My Presence for there you shall know I AM.  I AM yours completely in the silence.

There is nothing I withhold from you.  I am building your walls of precious stones, I am building you and pouring into you so there will be no cracks.  I am fitting you into the specific places I want you to be.  Yes, I have specific places for you to be, do not look around dissatisfied wanting the set of a jewel elsewhere.

Keep on allowing Me to hold you in My hand, turning you over so that you sparkle with the radiance of My love and care and know that the setting I place you in is perfect.  There you will lack nothing.

Each of you will be continually enhancing the beauty of the other.

I know the plans and purposes I have for you.  Continue yielding yourselves and at the appointed times I will bring to pass those plans.  Know that until those plans come to pass, you are, right now, where I have purposed.  You are in the place I have prepared for you.  Rest in Me.

Look at Me fully in the now of your moments. Walk in full assurance of My companionship. The sound of My Voice is what you will hear beyond the silence.

With a humble heart of love, I thank you Jesus for sharing words to encourage our hearts.

Beckoned by the King, I am Yours,                       




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  1. Jeannie says

    I actually wrote the above on August 25, 2003 and after finding it the other day felt impressed to include it here. I believe it is a timeless piece as so many of us do feel the silence from heaven and so easily forget that the Lord is actually holding us all the time with His mighty right hand. Plus, it really meant so much to me to read the last two paragraphs and realize I am exactly where He wants me to be. Such comfort and encouragement there is in that understanding. So thank you, Lord.

  2. Cathy Horning says

    So beautiful, Jeannie! Thank you for sharing your precious gift of loving words from our Father’s heart. The words, “My Spirit dwells within you, you are My resting place, your heart is where I have chosen to dwell,” particularly spoke to me. I am His resting place, the place He has chosen to dwell…Wow! Love you, dear sister. Blessings to you!

  3. Carol says

    Jeannie. Thank you for being obedient & posting this again today. I so needed this. Trying to read with my eyes filled with tears, in an emotional place. God bless you. Love you my sweet sister in Christ.

  4. Mary Gemmill says

    Jeannie…thank you for obeying that prompt…this piece blessed me deeply today and I have shared it with my prayer partners.

    Deep truths here that are timeless indeed.
    BUT we all need reminders !!

    God bless you Jeannie.


    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Mary, this blessed my heart too in a deep way and I am in a place of rest. I realized our plans and timing really are in alignment with His and it is perfectly natural and ok to be experiencing nervous excitement and anticipation about our big transition and have peace and joy! His words are timeless and precious in their encouragement and I thank you for sharing them! Bless you, Mary. With love.

  5. Deb Palmer says

    Truly lovely…. exhilarating words of encouragement for us all. Personally, the silence is difficult for me. I work into it… easing into His rest. Thank you so much for sharing. I plan on sharing this with others.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Deb, I find the silence difficult too and sometimes want to storm the gates of heaven demanding an answer now, but He has been teaching me to wait, to rest in Him and most of all to trust in His unfailing love and goodness. Thanks for sharing and I pray these words will bless the hearts of many.

  6. Sherry Carter says

    Encouraging words, Jeannie. I’m struggling and God is being silent. Thank you for the truth that God might be silent but He is never withdrawn from us. He is here, walking with me and strengthening me.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Sherry, in the midst of your struggle He is there, will always be right with you and walk with you through every experience. You can trust Him to right whatever your need is. Bless you as you go forth covered in favour as with a shield.

  7. Karen says

    I think that we are so focused on what we think we need or where to go that we misinterpret what we think as lack to be the absence of God. While God doesn’t always speak as loudly all the time, the testimony of scripture – as you so poetically wrote- is that God is always with us… in everything! it’s only because our eyes are so often diverted by lesser things or ears muffled by difficult circumstances that we miss Him.

    • Jeannie Pallett says

      Great thoughts Karen! Thanks for sharing them. Yes, I do believe that even in the perceived silence, He still beckons us into His Presence, to draw even nearer instead of being frustrated or unsure of whether or not He is there. He is here, He is present with us always and I pray we always have eyes to see.

  8. Jann says

    Listening when it is silent can be hard. Thanks for reminding us that it is worth it, He is worth it. Stopping by from Reflect.

  9. Sheila Edeliant says

    Definitely beautiful, Jeannie! It makes me think of the relationship I have with my closest family. How so often we will have the exact same response to a situation as if we had choreographed that moment of our lives. ;) And other times we can just look at each other and know beyond the shadow of a doubt what the other person is thinking, lol.

    I love that God wants to have this same depth of relationship with us — even deeper! “But we have the mind of Christ.” Wow.

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  10. Wanda says

    Such a beautiful word of comfort during these quiet moments I’m experiencing. Thanks so much for sharing Jeannie we forget that words aren’t always needed.

  11. David C Brown says

    We have been reading recently about Enoch. Genesis says, “Enoch walked with God”; Hebrews says, “he had pleased God”. We see God’s view of those keeping company with Him!

  12. Walter Kahler says

    Enjoyed reading your post Jeannie. God is so beautiful and you did an excellent job in expressing the way the silence has guided closer to God. Silence is a peaceful place to be for it allows us to meditate on God. In the stillness there is strength. Thanks Jeannie.

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