Being Committed To Victory is a Key

This is the fifth segment in the mini series Tips To Victory While Traveling Through The Trial

Life is a quest for wholeness and prosperity, dreams come true and hopes fulfilled.

I am no stranger to  difficulty,  the shadows in the valley have darkened many a day.  Nevertheless, I speak and write of the kindness and mercy of our God who has never failed me, never let me down, even when the troubles were my own making!  I am thankful, oh so thankful for mercy!

In His kindness the Lord has taught me if I want to see victory in a certain area of life, I must be committed to victory Committed to doing what it takes to overcome what I need to overcome in order for God to walk me through the next steps.  

The sooner we learn our lessons, the sooner it is one less trip around the mountain!

  It has been necessary to deliberately work through areas of shame and anger, insecurities and infidelities.  Infidelity when I chose to trust and lean on the traits of shame, anger and insecurity more than I chose to trust and lean on the Lord with all my heart.

If we want to become financially prosperous, we will find ways to have streams of income flowing into our bank accounts.  We will need to research and do our homework to become familiar with what will be a wise investment.  We will be committed to doing what it takes to reaching our financial goal.

The same principles apply to our health, both physical and mental/emotional.  We commit to diet, exercise and healthy eating.  It’s hard to say no (at the beginning) to tempting foods, we look for excuses to slack off in exercise routine and being undisciplined with our thought life is unimportant. When we commit to a new and healthier way of living, changes come about and we feel good about life.

We are streaming new things into our life, but there is a way to live in the stream from the inside out.

Picture 1:  When we first become Christians, we become aware of being spirit, soul and body.  We learn that Christ in us is the hope of glory and we sing, “Shine Jesus shine.”  We know His love is burning brightly deep within us but we have so much “stuff” to unload and unpack.  Whew, that can be tough.

But the wheels of life keep on turning.

Wheels of life are slowly turning

The life of God dwells within us, we are committed and our commitment counts for much.  Our lives begin to radiate with the life of God. Our desire to please Him factors into our choices, people see a difference in our lives, and we notice changes in our behaviour as well.

Picture 2: At this stage, life is different.  Our eye is singly focused on Jesus, Christ in us the hope of glory. We begin to see with a new perspective, the perspective of the Cross, of the love of God. We are renewing our minds with the Word of God and presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice.  We will choose to die to our self-nature, and we will learn how to respond or react the way Jesus would.  We are constantly choosing to die and Jesus reveals His beauty through our lives.

Renewal in Progress

We bear fruit in keeping with our repentance and our hearts thrill to know the habits of our old nature are dying.  Our vision is tempered by the Holy Spirit and our hands and hearts reach out to others filled with love and substance with which to meet needs.

Christ in us, the hope of glory becomes the pulsing beat of our hearts. Our lives begin to radiate with His glory.

Picture #3:  This is my favorite!  When I wrote Beckoned by the King, it was sheer delight to discover the Hebrew meanings of the alphabet found in Psalm 119.  Well, “wheel” has a Hebrew meaning too and my soul delights in the Lord my God as I slowly learn what He may be trying to teach us.

Wheel of Freedom and love

The Hebrew alphabet is rich with meaning.  It has both a literal and symbolic meaning and a little online research shows the word “wheel” is derived from the  Old Testament word Gilgal which has two meanings. It is a  Hebrew word and carries the meanings “circle” and “wheel.” “Circle” symbolizes that God brought His people full-circle. They would no longer have to go around the same mountain over and over again. “Wheel” symbolizes that God rolled away the reproach of Egypt.  When God rolls our sin away, we, like the Israelites will  no longer carry the shame and disgrace of our former captivity.  That’s exciting stuff don’t you think?

In this third “wheel”, we are living from the inside out, constantly being changed and balanced  as we draw our breaths from the heart of God and speak His Word.    

The shame and reproach of our past rolls away, the Blood forgives, the Word of God sets us free from the power of sin.

The Word of God is streaming into our souls, prospering us, balancing us, freeing us from the sting of our sin.  Wheeling away the sin of our past, present and future.

This third picture is a  key to walking in victory as you walk through your trials.  I encourage you to come aside with the Lord, set a place where you meet with Him and begin to fill up with His holy Word.

Seek Him, seek His glorious, gracious countenance and you will find a well spring of Life for your souls.

Listening for His heart, Jeannie PallettReceive from the Lord, His hand is outstretched, filled with all you need to live a life of godliness.  Receive from Him and He will satiate your soul and leave you hungering and thirsting after more of Him.  Seek Him while He may be found.


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  1. Shari England says

    Amen Jeannie! Excellent article, and I love the drawings! It’s a great word especially for those who may be questioning their faith in the midst of trials. Thank you Jeannie!

  2. Pastor Sherry says

    I didn’t know you were also an artist, Jeannie! Your illustrations were beautiful. Yes, God does have to get rid of the shame and blame in us, the bitterness, the self-loathing and lack of love for others, the rebellion, the fear, etc., etc., and fill us up with His Spirit. But He’s fully capable of doing that, as you have beautifully illustrated. Thanks for this thought today!

    • Jeannie says

      Yes, Praise God He has wheeled all of our old nature into the great sea of forgetfuleness! We just have to remember to not go diving for anything buried there! Glad you enjoyed the illustrations!

  3. Mel Thompson says

    “Anyone can dabble, but once you’ve made a commitment, your blood has that particular thing in it and it’s very hard for people to stop you” Quote by Bill Cosby. After reading your post Jeannie, this quote came to my mind. ‘Easy-beliveism’ in Christianity has based living their lives by “dabbling” in God’s Word. Being “committed” to it is a whole different matter. Thanks for your steps (and “circles”) in guiding your readers on how to come out of the dark tunnels in life and seek the Light of this world. For there is no darkness in the Light.

    • Jeannie says

      In our committment if we could imagine a fiery wheel of Grace abounding towards us and overtaking us…oh how those dark tunnels in life would be viewed with different perspective. Always enjoy your comments Mel. Thank you.

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