Beckoned by the King excerpt

“In our darkness and weakness, the Father woos us with His light and love, infusing strength and grace into the lives of His children. He invites each one of us to journey further with Him in order to touch the deepest core of His heart. We answer His beckoning to press closer to Him and tarry with Him, and thus we learn to walk as kings and priests unto our God.

We spend so much of our time hoping that we are someone of worth whose life matters, wanting to know that what we have and what we do counts. In the natural we strive and are restless; peace eludes us, discontent settles in and soon we feel lost.

What we need is the knowledge that the “whosoever” and “the whole world” have been narrowed down to you and to me, and this knowledge can only be gained by experiencing the Father’s deep and tender love for us. We need to know that the worth we are to the Father is infinite and far beyond our ability to grasp, yet ours to live in and and find rest and shelter in.

We need to learn that the riches of the inheritance of the saints belongs to us.  Jesus became poor so that we could become rich.  He poured out His mercy and and emptied Himself of all that was good and perfect and holy so that we could partake of His fullness.  We are eternally joined with the King of Kings and He delights in richly lavishing us with every good thing to enjoy.

Our response is to live our lives displaying the virtues and righteousness of God that Jesus has made available to us.  We align ourselves with the Word of Truth and allow the Spirit of truth to renew our minds and create in us the desire to follow the path of the Cross.  We decide to die to self so that the new man inside of us can rise up and live each day in the power of God.  We practice stillness so that we know our God and can recognize His Voice as clearly in times of tumult as we do in the stillness of our quiet time.

As sons and daughters of the King, we are fully equipped to carry out the plans and purposes God holds in His heart for us.  We are people of rich love, great peace and full joy – lacking nothing.  He holds out to each of us this true life that is found and revealed hidden in Christ.

So much of life is hindered because we fear our circumstances; however, it is in taking the first step outside of our boundaries of fear that we are able to experience the sufficiency of God.  Our lives then become characterized by freedom, peace and joy as we are strengthened by the courage we gain by trusting God and finding Him faithful.

May each reader answer the beckoning of the King and walk free in the power of His love.”

Excerpt from Beckoned by the King.

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