Beckoned by the King excerpt

Beckoned by the King
Excerpt from Beckoned by the King – chapter – The King’s Visit

…You have been holding my heart in your hands and you have breathed upon it. Through your breath you have deposited within me all your dreams, desires, hopes and plans for me – dreams and desires that you have held in your heart for me long before you saw my unformed substance in my mother’s womb.
You have protected me, guided me and brought me into your courts. I stand before you, Lord and King of my heart, and humbly bow and lay myself at your feet. You reach your hand out to me; tenderly you raise me up and look with eyes burning with love into mine.
You touch my heart, purifying, perfecting and polishing me, and then your proclamation comes and I can stand only because your arms have enclosed me so that I am drawn ever closer to your heart. You have given to me the desires of my heart! ….


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