Because of Stella


My words are known to the Father even though I have written and torn up, written and torn up.

And in my heart, they beg to be written.

I have been learning so much about myself through this crazy thing called Facebook.  Learning about me as I write my articles and do my blog posts and it is crazy that God has used this to reveal to me some treasure from His heart that will change me even more.

I ask Him to forgive me for spending an amount of time on Facebook when I could be spending time with Him.   A day later I read a Facebook post that involved me and I had spoken/written right into the situation.  All I knew was a sense of being lead by the ever so gracious Holy Spirit.  There have been several instances like that this week where I learned that my words brought healing and comfort into a woman’s life.  Was it worth my time? Yes.

When I write, I write what I sense the Holy Spirit is speaking to my heart.  That is a good thing otherwise; they would be words with no power to bring life.

I have realized though, that I have not added in all these great day to day, moment-by-moment spiritual illustrations perceived at various times throughout my day.   Am I lacking in perception, am I just plain lacking?

The answer to that is no and the Spirit of God was kind enough to show me something that He felt I would be ready to handle.

“Because you have spent so many years hard of hearing, conversing and being chatty have not come easily or naturally for you.  I can change that now because you have learned that when you recognize an area that needs changing, it is wrong to compare yourself to someone else and feel less than.

I have created you; and like all my children have stamped you with unique and differing personalities.  Your hearts are for me. Your hearts are totally for me and because your hearts are so different, so will be the way in which you express yourselves.

It is good to have a mentor, someone whose work and life you admire. I have placed them in your life as practical examples of excellence exemplified.  It is good to reach for that which is excellent.

Your heart is filled with treasure.”

I bring my treasure then before the Lord as a gift to Him.  It is the best I can bring Him.  I treasure the treasure and guard my heart.  I guard it against coveting, comparison, jealousy, insecurity and inferiority.

None of these is from the Father and all of these can gather round my treasure unless I use the Word of God to fill and protect my mind.  God words and God thoughts.

I am reminded of this portion of the first devotional I ever shared in 1997…

“What caused the gifts of each wise sage to be so different and yet of infinite value, each in its own special way?

To carry their treasures, Matthew says each wise man had a Treasure Bag.

Can you just imagine with what care they looked after their bags throughout their journey?

Did they worry about the difference in their gifts or did each of them understand the intrinsic value of what they were presenting to this Child born King?

A man’s gift makes room for him and with the joy that filled their hearts it is highly doubtful that they eyed the others’ treasure and felt their own was inferior.  It is doubtful also that the question of trading arose for each man was satisfied in the knowledge that what they were bringing before the Christ was their personal best.”

This is the same with each of us today.  Our gift is from our King and one is not better than the other.  When we are a Body in unity, our gifts compliment and complete each other.

We are to come, all, and present our gift to the King.

We can journey together, strengthening, encouraging and completing one another.

When the Lord was drawing me back to himself over twenty years ago, He was, unknown to me, choosing to be very creative.

I was invited to go with some women I trusted to hear a mutual friend who was sharing that evening in Mission BC.

How my heart longed to feel part of the Body, to feel and know that I was accepted in the Beloved and that even the people who make up that Body cared for and about me. I felt so alone.

I cannot tell you what she spoke on – I can tell you that I am sure that God was using those words to tenderize my heart…

However, I remember…

At the close of the service the words were spoken.  I can see her and hear her just as if it was yesterday.

….She was not looking at me when she said it but I felt that I was the only one present.  The words pierced my heart and created such a vivid word picture for me.

There was a cracking, a rending of the heart and Jesus was there arms extended.

Her words ring out clear and true.

“You are a knit stitch in the Body of Christ.  You may have slipped off the needle but Jesus is here to pick you up.  We are not complete without you as a member of the Body.”

She hugged me that night.  Small in stature, with a head full of curly red hair that reflected the fire in her heart, Stella Cleave hugged me.  She had no idea that was the first time I felt the arms of God around me. The first time I felt the power of His love.  I felt the love of God oozing out of her in such a way I have never been the same since…I was wearing the sweater I had just finished knitting…

So thank you, Stella Cleave, wherever you are in this world.  Thank you for being obedient to speak Holy Spirit inspired words.  They were life to me. My life has changed and continues to change because you were obedient for my sake!

What if she had decided to disregard what  was burning in her heart and preach something a little more run of the mill?

Who gets lost by the wayside if we are not obedient to write Holy Spirit inspired words in the way He inspires us to pen them?

I pray that we celebrate our differences and live to bring God pleasure as we express the creativity He has placed within us.

May God bless us and lead us in the way that is right, true, and pleasing to Him.

Do you have a Stella in your life?  Will you be a Stella to someone?


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    • Jeannie says

      Yes and the seed of love God had Stella plant in my heart all those years ago has borne good fruit. May the blessings of God abound in your life. He had pretty specific people for me in those days and I am thankful for and grateful to you all.

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