Waiting for the lightIsaiah 45:9b  “Shall the clay say to him who forms it, “What are you making?” or shall your handiwork say, ” he has no hands?”                  
              Waiting for the filling of light
I think we can all relate to this verse when we consider the various creative projects each of us have put our hands to.  I have enjoyed creating hand sewn lamp shades over the years and each one begins with a shade design and fabric and trim. And an idea of what it will look like when finished. I don’t know why it is that always the end result has been completely different to how I envisioned it at the beginning. The amazing thing is that they are beautiful.  And they are just right for the particular purpose and environment they are in…
If it were possible, my handiwork would likely find a voice and question what I was making ~ it doesn’t know that finished it really will be lovely and unique, a one of a kind treasure.  The creation is beautiful because the fabric has yielded to the cut of the scissors and to the pull of needle and thread.
I too have been created but unlike me, my Creator makes no mistakes in His creation. He has expressed His creativity freely and flawlessly ~ our lives being the end result.  You are beautiful and don’t even know it because you can’t see yourself the way someone else can.
Isn’t that amazing to really consider ~ I am beautiful.  Read this with yourself in mind.  I am beautiful.  Look in the mirror and say it again, I am beautiful, I am a masterpiece, I am unique and I am valuable because of my uniqueness.  I am beautiful.  I Am lives within me and His beauty also radiates within me and around me and I am beautiful.
The Potter, the Master Creator is absolutely flawless, without error of any kind ~ His judgement is perfect ~ He asks us to yield, to willingly give ourselves over to the finishing work of His hands.  He asks us to be willing to be shaped and molded, stretched and fine tuned so that we bear the image of the fullness of the Son.  No matter how deeply we have dug ourselves into a pit, there is no place too deep for the Finishing Carpenter to shine His light on and then go to work perfecting and finishing.
He has the tools, His hand is skilled, using the tools well and wisely.  We may be in the Refiner’s Fire and feeling the heat, feeling the pressure but His hand is on the the kiln’s temperature gauge maintaining the perfect heat.
In yielding to the Lord we do truly come to a place in time where we no longer have to ask why. Our trust in Him gives us rest.  We have learned that God is a gentle and wise Craftsman, He stills us with His peace. He gives us confidence in Him and simple trust begins to override that place of questioning.    The answer to all of my whys is because!
Because He is the Creator and has the perfected, finished treasure in His mind.  Because He wants me to be like Him sharing His holiness.  Because He loves me.  Because His mercy, tenderness and compassion are all an expression of what He feels for me.  Because He yearns for me to know and understand that His tenderness for me makes Him so approachable.  Just think about the magnitude of these few words, they can forever change your heart….
Because He knows the deep and hidden things in my heart and even the most hurtful, most uncomfortable, awful secret I may try to conceal ~ He knows.  The Carpenter knows.  He wants it exposed to the Light and while it may look ugly and garish alongside the beauty He has created, the Light is a healing balm.
And so ~ I come to Him, seeking wholeness, receiving forgiveness, being honest and trusting His love.
Because unlike me, He knows exactly what He is doing all the way through the fashioning of this life of mine.  This life of yours.
He is the Alpha and Omega. He is amazing and you are beautiful.

 Psalm 119: 105     Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path

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  1. Michael Fisk says

    Thanks for the reminder of how much we are loved and what an awesome God We serve. Even though it’s hard to live, I agree with you that as we get closer to God the less we question and the more we act. God Bless!

    • Jeannie says

      Glad you enjoyed this, Michael.The fact that its hard to live just makes it all the more worthwhile because then we have to press in to Jesus even closer!

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