Apprehensions of the Heart – Part 2


Friendship requires love, service and humility.  Jesus modelled a perfect example of this when He washed the feet of His beloved friends the night one of them betrayed Him.

Knowing that one of our friends was going to betray us that very evening; would we be able to show the same kind of love towards them that Jesus showed Judas?

Was He at all apprehensive about serving them with such humility?  I think He was so committed to His love walk that love and grace flowed out of Him to touch and strengthen all He met.  Are we at that place in our walk with Him, that grace and love flow freely in our lives touching all those we meet?  The lovely as well as unlovely?

In the midst of His own betrayal, He was loyal to the One who had called Him to be the friend of sinners and in doing so showed Himself faithful and loyal to us.

Friendship requires loyalty and loyalty and value in a friendship is seen when there is a price to pay.  That is just the way of it.

Jesus is a “friend of God” and there is no one who has paid a greater price to reveal the hard truth of laying down one’s life for a friend…

His faithfulness as well as His obedience came from a heart wholly desirous of honour.  Preaching it demanded a modelling and modelling it called for action.  Faith without works is dead and the action Jesus chose to give to his faith was to die in order to bring many men to faith.  By dying, He gave meat and substance to the words He had spoken.

Whatever apprehensions He had were stilled as He was strengthened by His times spent in prayer.  Have we learned the rest and stillness that comes over our souls as we commune with our Heavenly Father and can we consider the lessons Jesus taught us through the life He lived?  Can we see the joy that is set before us, the joy that raced in the heart of Jesus?

Did Jesus not model for us the way He would have us live from the inside out?  We should want to be like John who said in

1 John 1:1 …which we have heard, which we have seen, which we have looked upon and our hands have handled concerning the Word of life-

Who did they hear?  They heard Jesus the Word of Life made flesh.  They entertained His Presence and enjoyed His fellowship – they went deeper in their friendship and everyday learned more of Him.  Therefore, when they “heard” His word there was a dawning of the deeper meaning beyond the mere words.

They “heard” in their hearts, their inner ears picking up on the fullness of that which He had spoken.  They were not the only ones Jesus spoke about when He said, “I have called you friends” and “He who has an ear let him hear.”

Psalm 119:30 says ” I have chosen the faithful way: I have placed Your ordinances before me.”

What is choosing the faithful way going to look like in your life?  Do you fully desire to run in the way of His commandments, willing to count the cost and all things as loss in order for your heart to be brimming with the Living Word of God?

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