Jeannie’s Story

I am a woman who is being molded and shaped by the hand of God as He refines me in the furnace of affliction. The King is teaching me the joy of surrendered obedience to Him and has sparked a passion in my heart to share our life lessons of faith and victory.  Sharing God’s word with practical, everyday applications and igniting hearts to trust Jesus in the midst of life’s fires excites me!

God has brought me through the valley of the shadow, turned tragedy into triumph and I write and speak from a biblical perspective of victory knowing that Jesus is truly the Overcoming One in my life.

I am a Bible Study Fellowship graduate and have my certificate in Biblical studies through the International School of Ministry. I have also been a leader for Post Abortion Bible Studies and enjoy sharing my stories of grace and forgiveness whenever there is opportunity.  Speaking and teaching the word through practical application is truly the joy of my heart.

More than anything I want to delight in doing the will of my Father in Heaven and to pour my life out on Him and seek Him and find Him as the most precious treasure. He has promised that His Words are greater than gold and the desire of my heart is to hear those words.

 I am the author of Beckoned by the King ~ a book full of living love words from the Father to draw your heart and soul into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus.

An invitation to Intimacy with JesusMy LIFE statement? “To have the gold of God’s truth and love radiating from my inner life so others are drawn to Jesus.”










Our two little dogs have trained me well and I am soft touch and obedient Mom to Shadow and Sasha.  2013-04-08 17.31.092012-06-07 16.05.15