A Tribute to my Father

910My Father has always been a quiet man holding within a great reservoir of love and wisdom.

My Father held values high and instilled in me the same quality.

My Father taught me that love’s roots grow deep; and though quiet, always strong, steadfast and immovable.

In the quiet hours in nature’s fields, my Father taught me to see and catch the beauty in little things.

In the quietness of beauty sitting shoulder to shoulder upon the rock gazing out to sea,    904

My Father taught me silently the miracle of love.

My Father taught me strength in quietness

Joy in peace.

The beauty in still, perceptive moments

And to see that the beauty that lies in the hidden person of the heart is very precious.

I have learned that my Father’s love changes not and in quietness and confidence is my strength.

(written and given to my Dad in 1980 on Father’s day)    Listening for His heart, Jeannie Pallett


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  1. Mary Gemmill says

    Love it- if you had written it for MY father- it would have been just as appropriate.
    We are blessed indeed, Jeannie, to have had such wonderful Fathers.

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