A Testimony of Praise and Thanks

This past Monday I posted on Facebook and called for prayer.

 Today I want to share a testimony with you, offer praise to God and thanks to you for your prayers.

I had posted because Bruce had  just called me asking to be picked up from work early because he had begun to bleed.  He was calm, much calmer than I. I was worried he might be freakin’ out or something. Everything about him spoke peace when I picked him up.

Of course he had peace. You had prayed.

Thank you.

(Lately my thoughts have been so scattered, achieving full sentences on paper has been a rarity)

My praise report is a testimony of the amazing goodness of God, His continuing power to heal and of course the simple fact He hears and answers prayers!

By the time we arrived for our three pm appointment at the Cross, we were full of joy, our mouths had been declaring the Word of the Lord over Bruce’s body – we were pumped full of joy knowing that God’s Word cannot be defeated. We were standing on it. It was and continues to be a strong tower of refuge and strength for us.

When Bruce went into the treatment room, just as he was swinging his legs around on the table, he popped his right knee out.  Ouch!  It was an immediate 8/10 for pain. The radiation related pain was at a 6. Hmmm… we just continued declaring the Word. We were thankful that you were praying even though you didn’t then know about his knee.

He was tired but when he was in bed, turning this way and that, unable to get comfortable, I began  feeling a little frustrated. Mostly at the thought of my beloved being in such pain. I hated it.

Tried drifting off to sleep but I could hear him softly praying to the Lord. I peeked over at him and his right hand was raised in holy worship. A smile was on his face. The smile turned to soft laughter and I heard him say, “Its all I need, all I need to know is this. You love me. You love me.” His right hand raised the entire time, he broke into outrageous laughter, the bed began to shake from his laughter and I began to chuckle and laugh with him, sensing the rich presence of God with us.

Sleep came shortly thereafter. Deep and restful sleep.

Yesterday passed. No bleeding. Minimal pain in his knee. Pretty good mobility too.

He is now in his 6th week of radiation treatment. Side effects are minimal. Most everything is working the way it ought.

This morning, no pain, no bleeding AT ALL and knee great improvement.

I offer praise to God.

I offer thanks to you for your prayers offered on our behalf.

God is worthy.

He truly is the God-Who-Sees, the God-Who-Is-With-Us.

El Shaddai, the One who provides all we have need of. He provided His Son Jesus to pay the price, to purchase that which we could never buy.


Truly, our comfort in our affliction has been the Word of God that promises life to us, has given us life, continues to give us life.

Psalm. 119:50


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  1. Mel Thompson says

    I immediately thanked JESUS for the comfort He brought to you both and the comfort you both bring to others who are walking in the shadows. The testimony also brought to mind this old song to memory: “JESUS loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so. Little ones, they be known. They are weak but He is STRONG.”

    • Jeannie says

      Mel, we are so blessed to be children of the God Most High. Glad to be walking the journey with you. Thank you for your continual encouragement, we are grateful.

    • Jeannie says

      Amen! Thank you Lynn, we will continue to praise Him for the complete and perfect work He is going to finish in Bruce. He is faithful and may we be faithfull.

  2. Amy Layne Litzelman says


    Thank you, thank you for sharing this so that we can share in your joy! The picture of Bruce with hands raised in such an intimate conversation, which then poured out His glory to any who would be near – precious! Brings tears of love for this One who is worthy of it all. So thankful to know you both are hidden in Him.

    Love to you, friend.

    • Jeannie says

      Oh, Amy how precious it is to see ourselves as hidden in Christ, hidden in the folds of His garment, snuggled up close to His heart, listening. He is worthy indeed. Love to you too Amy. Thank you.

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