A Quiet Heart

The heart is quiet. There is peace. I can hear the voice of Him who loves me so.

‘Come away my beloved; come away to a quiet place.  Sit long with me here and let me soothe away your worries. Will you let my love erase your fears, will you sit long?

You have known me as your provider; you have known me as the God who is there. You have felt the tender touch of the good shepherd as I have carried you in my arms. You have seen the mighty works that I do and you have felt the effects of the power of my words.

This is not a time to fear. This is a new season, an unfamiliar season, but only to you.  I know what every second of every day will hold and nothing will catch me unawares.

You will know me in this season as your healer. Yes, you will go through a process but you will know me as your healer.  If you would think about it, you would acknowledge that you know me now as your healer when you consider the deep, inner work I have been doing in your heart.

You have said you felt different and your relationship feels the peace that is in you.  You learned the truth and truth brought healing.’

Lord I just want to flow with you.  To have the words on paper flow like the river that flows inside me.  I feel that the past few months I have been so busy hanging on and trusting you that my prayer life has suffered.

‘I am your sufficiency. You need not worry about your prayer life.  I have seen and understood the cries of your heart and I understand that language of prayer.  I go to the deepest and farthest place in your heart. I fill those needs before you are even fully aware of them.

I have met your material needs, blessed you in ways you could not even imagine.  I love the joy and delight you experience as I have carried you. They have been stormy painful days but my character is forming in you and character is what others have seen in you.  My character and nature are being formed in you. Trials are a time of passing through; they are not the place in which you dwell.

Look back and see how far you have come. What you thought you could never endure, you have. In the midst of it, you have been a strength and blessing to others. Look back and mark those places where I have propelled you forward with the strength of my mighty right hand. Look back and behold the greatness of your God.’

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