A New Season

We are entering into a new season in life and we are going to walk the path before us now with joy. We have given thanks and met peace.  Joy has been alongside peace and we enter into the path with the fullness of joy in our hearts.

When our great God has shown us very clearly the path He would have us take, how can we be anything outside of joy filled? Selfishness and fear want to hijack joy and we will not allow that to happen.

We are in a new season of restoration.  Been looking at my garden lately as I have watered, thought much about how the weeds have grown but still the roses, petunias and delphiniums have bloomed, each in their own time.2013-07-25 12.34.41  Monkshood, planted as a wee piece, gifted to me from my neighbour blossomed beautifully alongside the rose and delphinium.  Gifts from the Father, gifts from a friend.

The leaves of the aspen and birch are yellowing with the cooler weather, the north wind blows.

The plants are established and I know the unseen One who will sustain their roots in the cold of the coming winter. They will bloom and give even greater beauty next season.

And isn’t that just like our life?  We have had a hard season of grief and difficult doctor’s diagnosis, but we know the One who has sustained us.  He has watered us so our roots have burrowed down deeper into His Word; He has fed us with bread from His hand.  Oh, how He has sustained us.

In the new season, we will be radiant with the joy and beauty of the Lord’s magnificent hand upon our lives.

Here we are, facing what we feared! It is a new season and we are expecting the blessing of God to be upon us. We know we have been obedient, we know that when Holy Spirit whispered to us to remember the story of Namaan, there was a message in there for us – to obey!

Radiation treatment for Bruce is like the Jordan for Namaan. Not just the act of dipping and showing up for appointments at the Cross-every day at three in the afternoon, but the blessing of obedience.  The healing manifested for Namaan will be for Bruce as well.

We are entering into a new season – not just with the coming of autumn.   Our hearts have experienced healing, grief over the loss of mother and son is no longer heavy in our hearts.  I am thankful for how God brought about healing as well. He was so specific. The dreams brought great peace.

We leave  home at the end of September for a city nine hours away, 39 treatments  – no coming home for weekends. God has blessed us with people to live in our home to look after Shadow and Sasha. We will leave with no worries.

We will be in a furnished condominium established for people like us.  It excited me today when I realized there would be divine appointments for me throughout my days with people in the building.  Would you pray for me, that I not miss any of them and that my words would be words straight from the Throne Room that will bless their hearts and meet their needs?

May I ask you to pray that my heart be sensitive to the leading of the Lord and I pay attention to what’s up around me? I recognize this journey is NOT all about us.  It is about us yielding and being pliable in the hands of our Potter. He gives us a voice and we want to use it for His glory and honor. We want to see Jesus high and lifted up in our lives.

I hear Bruce all the time-sharing his story in the grocery store, drugstore, the hardware store. Wherever he is, whoever he is with he doesn’t miss the opportunity to share his vibrant faith in his Lord Jesus. I have learned to carry Kleenex…

My heart is full of the good things God has been working in me. Thank you for your prayers. When we stand together, we are stronger.

Psalm 119: 71-72 echoes in my heart today.

It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes.

The law of Your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.

God is beginning to teach me what is in between the lines. It is when we feel His breath and hear His Word that the Word is better than thousands of gold and silver pieces.


In His Palm,

Jeannie Pallett

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  1. Patty Christison. says

    I was listening to Chuck Girard’s Voice of the Wind the other day and thought of you Jeannie and the path you and Bruce are about to embark on. Particularly the song that is about passing through the waters and fire…He will be with you for He is the Lord your God. Good things are going to come out of this experience-Yes-I will remember your prayer requests.
    love Patty

    • Jeannie says

      Thank you Patty! A reminder to me to make sure I pack that CD to listen to when away! That song means so much to us because Bruce is believing God to protect him as he undergoes radiation…Amen, to the good things that are coming out of this experience!

  2. Mel Thompson says

    And it’s because of those “deep roots” of God’s Word planted deep (“The Deep Cries Out”); it keeps the tree upright when the strong north winds blow, preventing the tree from being blown over in a storm. You both stay upright in God’s promises for you are BLESSED! The ingrafted tree root, the heirs of the covenant.

  3. Wanda S. Maxey says

    I will be in prayer for both of you as Bruce goes through his radiation. I went through 7 weeks of radiation just a few months ago. I went into it with great fear, but God helped me through each treatment. I came out of it so well that the doctor said maybe I should get a job in radiation. Just keep your eyes open for the blessings that God will send during that time. I remember a special time for me. When treatment ended one day, I had a surprise waiting for me in the waiting room. A friend was there with a gift, an invitation to lunch, and many words of encouragement.

    God bless you both,

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