Run to your Refuge

Come.  Come let me be your refuge and shield.  Come, for I am faithful and true.  I am the Living Hope, I am the Word made flesh.  I AM.  Put your hope and trust in me.

Run to me and I will enable you to keep my word because first, I keep you.  I keep you under the shelter of my wings, I keep you in my heart and I keep you in my love.  I keep you and watch over your every move; my eye is ever upon you.  I keep you in order to sustain you and bring fullness of life to you as you walk through lands of plenty and worlds at war.  Your heart shall be balanced.  I keep you so you are able to stand strong and secure in your day of trouble.

In your day of deliverance I find you keeping my laws and decrees, meditating upon my Word.  The Word hidden and written on your heart keeps you, hides and protects and sustains you as I keep you in the refining fire that purges away the dross in your life.

Every need you will ever have is abundantly met in me, for I am the faithful keeper of your heart and soul.  My blood was the price I paid for you-I own you and you are no longer your own.  I keep you in the center of my love, and there in that place of deep, abiding love, my hands mold and shape you so that in every area of your life you are centered and balanced.  I strip away those things that bring about unsteadiness in your walk and I wipe away those things that are a encumbrance and weigh you down.

Know in the pain of the weight and the stripping that I am perfecting you so that you are well able to walk with a full and just measure.  All that you have is from me; all that is within you is from me.  Remember that your present suffering is not worth being compared to the glory that will be revealed in you.  Wait upon me, therefore, with eager expectation, for you shall not be ashamed of your hope in me.

Psalm 119: 116  Sustain me according to your Word, that I may live; and do not let me be ashamed of my hope.


 This is an excerpt from Beckoned by the King – a reminder fresh that in the midst of all of life, He shines the grace of His love.

Jesus, I surrender to your love,

Jeannie Pallett


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