A Heart Full

Psalm 119:2  Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, who seek Him with the whole heart.

A heart full…of the Word of God.  Wouldn’t that just be the most amazing thing!  We would never have to concern ourselves again with the worrisome traits of our flesh.

To “keep” God’s testimonies, His written word, we must “break bread” and find the very heart of Jesus.  In the Book of John, the written Word Jesus says He is the Bread of Life.

To “keep” we first must “know” what it is that we are to safeguard and treasure in our hearts.
Our keeping will consist of practicing what we have come to know; the Law of Love, living in the liberty, peace and joy the broken body of Jesus bought for us.  We will cultivate a thankful heart, living holy lives both inwardly and outwardly.
We will consider the treasure of God’s Word and not allow anything to sully or taint the Bread of Life we have eaten; in our keeping, we will begin to experience the blessing of God in our lives.
We have a God who is intimately familiar with our hearts and thoughts and He has given us His Word to chew on, which is what the word meditated really means.  That Word will begin to affect and transform our natural way of thinking and we will cultivate a plan of action geared toward Christ likeness.
We can only really know what Jesus is like if we break bread and find His heart revealed.
It is when we break bread that Jesus reveals Himself to us. It is now that we experience fresh revelations of His character and deeper understanding of His Word.
At times unexpected, circumstances unplanned, unwanted, if we would choose to keep, to obey His Word, the meat of the bread will be swallowed and will create fresh life within us.
We swallow the bread with grace and thanks.  Our heart swells from it, we keep His testimonies, and in the midst of the unplanned, unwanted and unexpected, we begin to rejoice.  We have found our place in the Lord ~ the breaking of bread and eating it has made us one.
We know Jesus in His glory as well as His suffering.
Before His body was beaten, He broke the bread and gave thanks.
In the midst of our suffering, we do well keeping His testimonies by the act of breaking bread and giving thanks.
Open the Bible ~ Jesus is the Word made flesh, the Bread of Life and it is only His flesh that has ever perfectly kept the Word of God.
The breaking of bread leads us into the seeking.
In the seeking, He will reveal Himself to us when we seek Him with our whole heart and soul.  God has expressed His love for us through His Word.  Can you imagine having your mind, will and emotions consumed by the fire of that love?
The fire of His love purifies us as it consumes our flesh.
Break the Bread, yield to the fire.  Let the seed of Life sprout and flourish within.
Break bread, eat and be satisfied.
Eat and be hungry the bread will never run scarce.

“His love is alive in you ~ can you imagine the force and power it has in you, on you and through you to affect the lives of those around you?”   Jesus.



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