All In Praise and Thanks

Father, thank you for your Presence within us. Lord, we need to be able to sense and feel you not just by faith sometimes and I know for a lot of us that time is now. Father, would you so comfort and deliver your children from pain that all we feel is joy, peace, and the overwhelming sufficiency of who You are. 

Even though we know a life of faith pleases You, would You in Your kindness allow us to feel the amazing powerful presence of Immanuel.  God with us, the all-sufficient God, the meeter of every need.  We cry out to You.  Be the Lifter of our head, let us feel the touch of Your hand as You lift us up to gaze into the face of grace.

The overwhelming sufficiency of who You are. God fill us anew with that knowledge, that knowing of You and Your heart in all areas. Would you meet the crying out need of your children? I know You hear us and have mercy on us. Let relief come in the areas of necessity.

Pour out Father, minister to your children at the very core of our being. Nothing is hidden from you and I thank you for the perfect and complete work that You are working in us.  The Blood and the Cross say it is finished.  We receive that truth and reality by faith.  DSC_0706

God would You help us to choose to trust You in our times of need?  Would you inspire us to draw closer to You than we were yesterday.  You have given us a ‘choice’ meat in Your word, Father.  We are hungry and need to eat and feed on Your faithfulness.   We need to eat so we can be a faithful people.

You call us to a life of oBEdience.  Give us eyes to see Your truth clearly and plainly and teach us to choose to change from being a disobedient people to ones who love You with all our heart, soul and strength.  God that our spirit, soul and body would be synchronized with nothing operating or moving when it ought not to.  Give us ears to hear the music and melody of the lovesong You are singing over us.

Thank you Father, that not one area of our salvation is lacking. You have brought healing and freedom to our spirits, souls and bodies. So I thank You now Lord for healing. I thank you for healed memories, healed emotions and bodies, every blood test result reveals the way you created us and our bodies are functioning without hindrances.

Thank You Father that you have already met every need we have. I give You praise for the finished work of the cross. I give thanks for the blood of Jesus that has been poured out and over our lives. Thank You Father for the never failing all-powerful blood of Jesus.

Beckoned by the King, I come running,




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I’m All In Faith Sea

DSC_0706So when my friend Heather Mertens asked me if I would like to share a prayer once a month  for her closed ALL IN Prayer and Praise group on Facebook, I felt pretty humbled because she has some great warriors in the group.  I said yes of course, because I can learn so much from y’all.  Hey, as a Canadian I do like that little bit of slang!

I am choosing to use my blog for my prayers, simply because I like writing out my prayers and posting them.  I think many of you like it too…

We are a needy people, of that  there is no doubt Lord.

We need reassurances from You all the time that You will meet our need, heal our bodies, our memories, hear us when we pray, meet the deadline You know we have…

Most of all, we need You to be the God You say You are.  And yet we have the promise that You never change, You are not a man that You should lie and all Your words are true and reliable.

Oh, Father, how You must chuckle compassionately at us!  How will we ever come to know You in Your many facets unless we experience a variety of circumstances?

You have already told us that all things work together for good for those who love You, so we should rest confidently in Your word.

And love You, we do, Lord, even if we do get ourselves in a bit of a stew before we begin to steadfastly trust You.

We know, Father, that a life of faith pleases You and yet it is so easy to not want to progress or live in the deeper water of Faith Sea.  It’s over our head and we can’t touch bottom and the waves are billows roundabout us.

We breathe and we float.  You are the very air we breathe.  Your Presence encompasses us in the waves and You never allow us to be overcome by the waters.

Oh, Father, even if it FEELS we are overcome, we are NOT. Even though we may feel faint hearted, we CHOOSE to oBEy Your word and BE of good courage.

We choose.  We make the decision.  We choose to BE.

Because, over and over in Your word, You have encouraged us to not be afraid.

You encourage us to trust, to give, to live free.

Our times of testing prepare us for each subsequent opportunity to trust You.  Each test is a little bit harder, a little more challenging than the previous experience.  And if our faith were like building blocks, our fiery crucible would soon become of Crucible of Praise.

You have been teaching us and we have been learning all along the journey to let go, to simply surrender ourselves to You.

In the natural, Lord, if we are caught by an official doing wrong, we lift our arms in surrender with a very real possibility of being imprisoned.

Not so, with life in You, Father.  When we choose to lift our arms and surrender to You?

We live free.

I’m ALL IN, Lord.    No holding back or holding on.

You have prepared and readied us, Father, for each level of faith and the blocks below are secure.

We are ALL IN Faith Sea and Your Word preserves our soul.

Thank You for being a faithful, loving Father to us.  You look at us with eyes of faith and see mighty warriors of faith.  You see a people covered in love and seeing life from Your perspective and from the depths of Your heart because we have taken the time to get to know Your heart.

Thank You for making a way for us in the wilderness of our lives. 

Thank you for building in each one of us a heart You delight to call Home.

Beckoned by the King, I come running!


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When the King Beckons

When the King beckons we never know what He is going to say to us or even how His words will mold, shape and change our hearts.

Most of you know we are moving and today is a big day as the realtor comes and takes inside pictures of our home.
Well of course, I want everything to be picture perfect so I don’t have much time to write these words because I am going to race around and hide everything that I don’t want to be seen but I have to tell you what the Lord showed me!

As I type, I glance down at my feet and see a pair of sox on Shadow’s sheepskin; my chicken broth is cooking away and I sure don’t want those in the pictures. Those are obvious things to hide/put away. I hope in my running around, I see those things that aren’t so obvious!  Most of all I hope in my excitement I will have calm and peace in my heart from my confidence knowing this is all a part of the unfolding of the plan.  I love how He uses the mundane, everyday happenings to bring us a little closer to His heart.

I love how He loves me!PicMonkey Photo (1)

This morning, I think God took a snapshot of my heart and showed me a corner of the photo.

To ‘protect’ the one involved I will be sparse with details, but let it suffice that my heart has held judgments against this person for years. It isn’t that he is a bad person, or mean or anything like that. I just simply chose to dislike him because of some of his choices – which were not harmful or derogatory or law breaking…it was my choice to dislike and disdain him and oh, how I showed it and knew it.

The Father’s voice came this morning with these words,
Love protects. Love protects the integrity of another person because love is willing to believe the best and to suffer long in the waiting to see the best manifest.
Love hopes long and sees with eyes of faith. Eyes of faith see with My perspective and so when you look at someone judgement is far from your heart. You no longer place them on a scale, weigh them and decide they come up short of what is desired.
And who are you that you think you have the right to decide that what you desire is right? Can you tell Me?
If you are to put on love and have love be your covering as your coat covers you in the winter then that same love will cover a multitude of sins.

I have repented, asked Jesus to forgive me and sense an exhilarating freedom in my heart!!

The King beckons, He knows my heart has softened…Today is the start of a new season in our lives.  One step closer to Bruce’s retirement, one day closer to living what we have dreamed of for several years.  Today, the Father will help me to walk wisely.  Today, the Father will give me eyes to see IN this new season.  In the past as we journeyed through our trials, we took comfort in knowing God was walking with us THROUGH the valley of the shadow but today, He says, ‘there is a living IN the season.’

He is the God of NOW!  Behold! NOW He is doing a new thing in our lives and we perceive it now.

I am His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which He prepared beforehand that I should walk in them.  He has plans, purposes, hopes and dreams for us and He will be faithful to teach us to walk wisely today so we do not miss the doing and living of the good works He has prepared for us.  They are waiting in readiness to be fulfilled.

Christ in me is the hope of glory but IN His Presence is fullness of joy NOW because He surrounds us with His presence.  I am one with Him, we are not separate.  Joy belongs to me NOW.  After repentance for my judgemental attitude, joy floods my soul, washes away the grief over my wrong doing/being.  Joy is NOW mine, joy is NOW present in my soul and belongs to me!

The cycle of life, of living life does not stop until death comes.  Then we shall know face to face but in the NOW of our lives, faith, hope and love shall abide and the greatest of these is LOVE!  Love protects. Love protects the integrity of another person because love is willing to believe the best and to suffer long in the waiting to see the best manifest.

The King beckons.

with you in His palm

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Take the Honey

My name is Jeannie which means gracious gift of God but after reading in 1Samuel 14, I wouldn’t mind being called Jonathan!

I could relate to Jonathan.  He wasn’t afraid to step out from among the crowd and be different.  It’s not that I am fearless when it comes to stepping out from the crowd or that I glory in my uniqueness, but I have learned what God has gifted me in and that I embrace.  Despite the fact, my legs may shake at the podium and words may seem to elude me.  I am His vessel and He will fill me.

Jonathan was a friend who was willing to step away from the crowd and peruse the troop’s enemies from a different perspective.   He was a leader in his own right.  I want to be a friend like that who is willing to lay down my life for a friend, to do something for the greater good of my friends, for His body…

A gift He has given me is the ability to step away from the crowd and see from a different perspective. HIS!  Over the years, I have learned how His Voice sounds and pay attention for it in the everyday.  I am passionate about the importance of knowing His Voice, knowing the Sound of our Shepherd as He walks among us.  My book Beckoned by the King is for those of you who long to have ears to hear and eyes to see from His higher perspective of love.   There is a Bible study at the end of each chapter where I ask some pretty deep questions, and if you answer them, you will discover yourself in much deeper waters of faith.  My voice is a unique voice, but it speaks love and my uniqueness fits right in next to yours and joins us as a body.

We are a body who God calls to be jointly fit together.  That means all the rough edges fit in smooth and tight and though we are many, our unity makes us one.

The reason I like Jonathan is that it seems he is man of deep passion. He is a man who is confident, confident not because he is the son of a king, but because he knows his abilities.  He has spent years of his life training for war and becoming skilled at every aspect.   Yes, his father was king, but Jonathan I think was a lover.  He went deep with the people he befriended and embraced life and love with great enthusiasm.

We, who are the body of Christ, are ‘called out ones’, each one of us to live our lives with our hearts set apart for Him.  If the Lord calls us to step out and away from the crowd to peruse the landscape, then we must know His voice and be willing to obey.  We must know He will give us eyes to see from His higher perspective.

Our love for one another protects and is willing to go the extra mile, willing to give the clothes off the back and the food in the larder.  Our love looks for the highest calling in one another and speaks those words of life to one another.  I want to embrace life, and love with great enthusiasm and see the gold in the lives of others.

…but getting back to 1 Samuel 14…

The troops were not in the finest of form as Saul had made some errors in decision- making, one of them being having his men swear an oath they would not eat until the battle was over.  Oh, how we need to be fed good food in the day of battle.  How desperately we need to feed on the word of God in our time of battle and find Him faithful.

Jonathan by this time had gone out from the camp, traversing the sharp columns of rock in order to view the enemy’s camp and hadn’t heard the orders of his father.  Jonathan’s heart was set on God.  He loved his Dad but his heart was set apart to love God more.

God knew the heat of the battle was high.  He knew that the troop’s obedience to their leader had weakened them physically and yet He saw the heart of the men and the cost they were willing to pay to fight in unity.

God in His never failing mercy saved Israel that day.  Regardless of who may have been right or wrong, God knew the need of the men and intended to meet it.  Just like for us today, God looks beyond the circumstance, sees into our hearts, and loves us with a passion that knows no bounds.  His heart aches with love and longing for us to see His provision.

The battle had worn the troops out when they ran into the forest.  It was in their bone weary fatigue they saw honey was flowing on the ground of the forest!

Has the battle worn you out too, beloved?  Are you hearing conflicting voices, unsure which one to listen to, which decision to make, unsure which road He wants you to take?

The ground of your wilderness is flowing with honey!  I pray that God would open your eyes to see.  Your forest may be thick with trees and in your weariness your eyes may fail, your heart disillusioned and full of fear and devoid of hope.  But there is honey on the ground!

I will be a Jonathan to you and help you to see with your spiritual eyes.  I will lend you my staff of support and hold you as you dip the end of the staff into the honeycomb and eat beloved.

Jonathan saw the provision of God, ate, and was invigorated!

God’s word is like dripping honey on our lips.  It keeps us from sin and keeps us pure.  His word just plain keeps us in His embrace!

His word is a lamp to your feet and He will show you the path you are to walk.  It will be a river of honey through the forest and He will renew your strength.  When fear and unbelief clutch at your throat, take the Honey and walk in the light of His love, resting in His embrace.

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Arise Beautiful One

Arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come away with me, See the winter is past, the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance. Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.” Song of Songs 2:10-13 NIV  2014-06-15 11.14.54 HDR

This may be the winter of your life BUT this verse is calling those things that are not as though they were! The Father sees the fruit that has been born, the way you exude the fragrance of LIFE. He is leaning over you, hand outstretched, lifting you up, raising you up, banishing the languishing soul and causing hope to arise! You skip with Him, singing your love songs to Him, praising Him for the marvelous work He has done in your body so you are without spot or blemish!

Arise, beautiful one, arise.  Take My hand and let Me raise you up.2014-06-23 21.10.17 HDR

No more languishing, no more being bereft of hope.

I have plans and purposes for you and I will fulfill My purposes in you and for you.

Beautiful one, you are precious in My sight.

Beautiful and altogether lovely you are to Me.

In your weakness, I come that I may be your strength, strong tower and place of refuge.

Will you allow My love to cascade over you

Washing away all your doubts, fears and worries?142

I visit the earth; I come to you, My beloved, beautiful one

Your heart is My resting place

Let the rains of Life enrich you, prepare you for growth; prepare you to incubate My seed within.

My seed will bring forth grain.  It is the purpose of the seed.

I bless its growth within you beloved.

Death and darkness cannot abide in the shining brightness of My Light and Life.

Arise, beautiful one, arise to the new life of songs in the night

Languish no more, let hope arise for surely My word is Life to those who hear.

Make My praise glorious on your lips, beloved; shout your praise to Me!

Tell Me how awe-inspiring are My works.  The enemy shall cringe before you at the mention of My Name!

I will not turn My face from you, nor let My ears be deaf to your cries.  My faithful love shall never depart from you.

I have bound Myself to you, beautiful one.  My blood has made you whole, every sickness and disease healed in My Name.

You are without spot or blemish.pure love

Arise, beautiful one, arise! Take My hand and I will lead you in a dance of intimate love.

My love for you knows no bounds, I want to drench you with My endless, awe-inspiring love.

Take My hand, rise up fair one, the winter has past, the rains have watered the ground in your heart.

Flowers grow, you are even more beautiful and your heartsong thrills My heart by its unending praise.

Peace is yours in full measure.  Peace is My gift to you and your life shall bear fruit and exude the glorious fragrance of Life!

Arise, My beautiful one, arise to new life in Me ~ hope abounding, abundant in your soul.

You are thoroughly and completely known and absolutely and totally loved!

***dedicated to my beautiful sister and friend, Yuka Nakada.  I love you.

With you in the palm of His hand,



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