Take the Honey

My name is Jeannie which means gracious gift of God but after reading in 1Samuel 14, I wouldn’t mind being called Jonathan!

I could relate to Jonathan.  He wasn’t afraid to step out from among the crowd and be different.  It’s not that I am fearless when it comes to stepping out from the crowd or that I glory in my uniqueness, but I have learned what God has gifted me in and that I embrace.  Despite the fact, my legs may shake at the podium and words may seem to elude me.  I am His vessel and He will fill me.

Jonathan was a friend who was willing to step away from the crowd and peruse the troop’s enemies from a different perspective.   He was a leader in his own right.  I want to be a friend like that who is willing to lay down my life for a friend, to do something for the greater good of my friends, for His body…

A gift He has given me is the ability to step away from the crowd and see from a different perspective. HIS!  Over the years, I have learned how His Voice sounds and pay attention for it in the everyday.  I am passionate about the importance of knowing His Voice, knowing the Sound of our Shepherd as He walks among us.  My book Beckoned by the King is for those of you who long to have ears to hear and eyes to see from His higher perspective of love.   There is a Bible study at the end of each chapter where I ask some pretty deep questions, and if you answer them, you will discover yourself in much deeper waters of faith.  My voice is a unique voice, but it speaks love and my uniqueness fits right in next to yours and joins us as a body.

We are a body who God calls to be jointly fit together.  That means all the rough edges fit in smooth and tight and though we are many, our unity makes us one.

The reason I like Jonathan is that it seems he is man of deep passion. He is a man who is confident, confident not because he is the son of a king, but because he knows his abilities.  He has spent years of his life training for war and becoming skilled at every aspect.   Yes, his father was king, but Jonathan I think was a lover.  He went deep with the people he befriended and embraced life and love with great enthusiasm.

We, who are the body of Christ, are ‘called out ones’, each one of us to live our lives with our hearts set apart for Him.  If the Lord calls us to step out and away from the crowd to peruse the landscape, then we must know His voice and be willing to obey.  We must know He will give us eyes to see from His higher perspective.

Our love for one another protects and is willing to go the extra mile, willing to give the clothes off the back and the food in the larder.  Our love looks for the highest calling in one another and speaks those words of life to one another.  I want to embrace life, and love with great enthusiasm and see the gold in the lives of others.

…but getting back to 1 Samuel 14…

The troops were not in the finest of form as Saul had made some errors in decision- making, one of them being having his men swear an oath they would not eat until the battle was over.  Oh, how we need to be fed good food in the day of battle.  How desperately we need to feed on the word of God in our time of battle and find Him faithful.

Jonathan by this time had gone out from the camp, traversing the sharp columns of rock in order to view the enemy’s camp and hadn’t heard the orders of his father.  Jonathan’s heart was set on God.  He loved his Dad but his heart was set apart to love God more.

God knew the heat of the battle was high.  He knew that the troop’s obedience to their leader had weakened them physically and yet He saw the heart of the men and the cost they were willing to pay to fight in unity.

God in His never failing mercy saved Israel that day.  Regardless of who may have been right or wrong, God knew the need of the men and intended to meet it.  Just like for us today, God looks beyond the circumstance, sees into our hearts, and loves us with a passion that knows no bounds.  His heart aches with love and longing for us to see His provision.

The battle had worn the troops out when they ran into the forest.  It was in their bone weary fatigue they saw honey was flowing on the ground of the forest!

Has the battle worn you out too, beloved?  Are you hearing conflicting voices, unsure which one to listen to, which decision to make, unsure which road He wants you to take?

The ground of your wilderness is flowing with honey!  I pray that God would open your eyes to see.  Your forest may be thick with trees and in your weariness your eyes may fail, your heart disillusioned and full of fear and devoid of hope.  But there is honey on the ground!

I will be a Jonathan to you and help you to see with your spiritual eyes.  I will lend you my staff of support and hold you as you dip the end of the staff into the honeycomb and eat beloved.

Jonathan saw the provision of God, ate, and was invigorated!

God’s word is like dripping honey on our lips.  It keeps us from sin and keeps us pure.  His word just plain keeps us in His embrace!

His word is a lamp to your feet and He will show you the path you are to walk.  It will be a river of honey through the forest and He will renew your strength.  When fear and unbelief clutch at your throat, take the Honey and walk in the light of His love, resting in His embrace.

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Arise Beautiful One

Arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come away with me, See the winter is past, the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. The fig tree forms its early fruit; the blossoming vines spread their fragrance. Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.” Song of Songs 2:10-13 NIV  2014-06-15 11.14.54 HDR

This may be the winter of your life BUT this verse is calling those things that are not as though they were! The Father sees the fruit that has been born, the way you exude the fragrance of LIFE. He is leaning over you, hand outstretched, lifting you up, raising you up, banishing the languishing soul and causing hope to arise! You skip with Him, singing your love songs to Him, praising Him for the marvelous work He has done in your body so you are without spot or blemish!

Arise, beautiful one, arise.  Take My hand and let Me raise you up.2014-06-23 21.10.17 HDR

No more languishing, no more being bereft of hope.

I have plans and purposes for you and I will fulfill My purposes in you and for you.

Beautiful one, you are precious in My sight.

Beautiful and altogether lovely you are to Me.

In your weakness, I come that I may be your strength, strong tower and place of refuge.

Will you allow My love to cascade over you

Washing away all your doubts, fears and worries?142

I visit the earth; I come to you, My beloved, beautiful one

Your heart is My resting place

Let the rains of Life enrich you, prepare you for growth; prepare you to incubate My seed within.

My seed will bring forth grain.  It is the purpose of the seed.

I bless its growth within you beloved.

Death and darkness cannot abide in the shining brightness of My Light and Life.

Arise, beautiful one, arise to the new life of songs in the night

Languish no more, let hope arise for surely My word is Life to those who hear.

Make My praise glorious on your lips, beloved; shout your praise to Me!

Tell Me how awe-inspiring are My works.  The enemy shall cringe before you at the mention of My Name!

I will not turn My face from you, nor let My ears be deaf to your cries.  My faithful love shall never depart from you.

I have bound Myself to you, beautiful one.  My blood has made you whole, every sickness and disease healed in My Name.

You are without spot or blemish.pure love

Arise, beautiful one, arise! Take My hand and I will lead you in a dance of intimate love.

My love for you knows no bounds, I want to drench you with My endless, awe-inspiring love.

Take My hand, rise up fair one, the winter has past, the rains have watered the ground in your heart.

Flowers grow, you are even more beautiful and your heartsong thrills My heart by its unending praise.

Peace is yours in full measure.  Peace is My gift to you and your life shall bear fruit and exude the glorious fragrance of Life!

Arise, My beautiful one, arise to new life in Me ~ hope abounding, abundant in your soul.

You are thoroughly and completely known and absolutely and totally loved!

***dedicated to my beautiful sister and friend, Yuka Nakada.  I love you.

With you in the palm of His hand,



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The Pressure is Off!


The pressure is off! 

I cannot tell you how many times I have read Psalm 91:1 with a sense of despair, trepidation, fear of failure and ultimately losing the protection of my Father’s care because I wasn’t abiding.

Psalm 119: 18 is a prayer to the Father to open our eyes that we might behold wondrous things from His word, and opening my eyes and my heart this morning to behold wondrous things in His word and move me into a place of greater freedom is exactly what He has done!

My heart has been too heavy with prayerful thoughts for a dear friend lately to write.  For two dear friends actually.  One of them is living love and totally laying down her life for our friend, thus living out the words of Jesus when He said, ‘no greater love is there than when a man lays down his life for a friend.’   Words fail me at the love I see.

These words are for them as much as they are for me and for you.  I am honouring confidentiality; honouring and lifting high the Word of God here and desire only to write words that inspire courage into the hearts of others as we journey to discover why God’s word is so much greater than gold!   My words are written as I listen to the Father as He speaks to me through His Holy Life Giving and Breathing Word. 

This very morning, it was as if Jesus was lifting the blinders and removing the ear stoppers and I finally heard what He was saying in John 15.

Jesus is praying for my friends, for you (who are also my friends!), for me, for all of us who would come to faith in Him.  His words:

“Holy Father, keep in Your Name, in the knowledge of Yourself, those whom You have given me. (We are gifts to Jesus from the Father!  Think how much He loves us!)  Keep them, so that they may be one as we are one.

Keep and protect them from the evil one.

For all those who will ever come to Me, I pray they may be one in Us.  I have given to them the glory and honour which You, Father, have given Me.  I have given so that they may be one even as we are one.

I in them and You in Me.


God our Father keeps us!  We are one with Him.

Psalm 91:1 He who dwells, abides continually in the secret place of the Most High shall remain fixed and stable under the shadow of the Almighty, whose power no foe can withstand. (Amplified version)

How many times have you read this and your heart and faith sink just a little bit because your troublesome circumstances have created a stirring of doubt, fear, unbelief, what if?  You feel like you really have to ‘work’ to keep yourself in a place of abiding.

The pressure is off, beloved; the pressure to keep ourselves steadfastly, adamantly in the place of abiding faith is off!

We are one with the Father and His heart is set on us.  He loves us wildly, unrestrainedly, with divine absolute abandon!

He will never abandon us or leave us Fatherless!

It is natural, normal and even healthy to experience and process fearful thoughts when suddenly diagnosed as terminal.  Only one with a rock hard heart would have no feelings at news like that.

We aren’t in that boat though, because the Lord has taken away our heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh.

He knows our hearts, He has compassion and unfailing mercy on us in our times of weakness and in our weakness, He gives us His greater strength.  He knows we love Him and just because we are experiencing some huge emotions towards some very huge news does not mean we have quit in our abiding! 

We are abiding in our struggle –Yes!  We are one with Him and dwelling in the secret place even as we wrestle with the fearful news.  We abide in our time of wrestling.

In that place of wrestling, the enemy does not win because our voices can speak way over the roar of the enemy.  He flees when he hears, ‘God is my fortress and my strength, on Him I lean, rely, and confidently trust.’

And even when our faith seems small and our trust feels so weak; we are loved and kept, held in the palm of His hand, right close to His heart.

He knows, beloved, we have set our love upon Him.

We are in an unbreakable covenant with God.  His blood has sealed the deal; He keeps us as the treasure of His heart forever!

In my marriage to Bruce, I entered into covenant and I spoke vows before God to him.  I used the amplified version of 1Peter 3:2 and yep, I have many times fallen way short of that high mark!!  I have railed against him, lost my temper with him (why I don’t know as he shows me such amazing love!), BUT I have never UNSET my heart in love.

I continue to abide and dwell with him, I love him in spite of what my words or actions might reveal. (Ouch)

Can you see it yet, Precious One, can you see how the ‘pressure’ to make sure we are constantly abiding and dwelling is off?  We must never underestimate the power of our words to bring forth life, but we don’t have to be constantly doing ‘faith checks’.  We can just lean in and rest in HIM.

Our most precious and beloved Father speaks over all our worries, fears, and He uses words of life to enable, empower and inspire our hearts to courage and confidence in Him.  He assures us we can breathe easy and rest in His unfailing love.

“I am the God who Sees and I see Beloved, how you have set your heart’s deepest love upon Me. 

Be at rest and let not your heart be troubled.  We are one and I will never leave you.  I have your name engraved, right here on the palm of My hand and I am constantly aware of how completely I love you.

I will deliver you, and lift you up from this dark place you find yourself.  I will deliver you because you have set your love upon Me, and if you fail to hit the mark, I do not see.  I see your love for Me and set you high upon the Rock of Ages and hide you there in the cleft of that Rock.  Though hidden, My eyes are always upon you.  My word of Truth and shield of Faithfulness will protect you.

I see you as a tender young shoot who is learning to know and understand My Name.  I see your growth, how your roots are growing down deep in My love and My word.  I see how your heart longs for more of Me and I delight, Beloved One, to show you the strength and power of My mercy, love and unending kindness.

I am building in you unshakeable trust and reliance in Me.  Let your heart be confident, knowing I will never forsake you or leave you helpless.  No! Never!

I hear your heart cries, Child.  I hear when you call upon Me and I will answer.  I have answered by the power of the shed blood of Jesus and the finished work of the Cross.

I hear you, Precious One, I am answering and I am one with you in your time of trouble.

I will deliver you.  With long life I will satisfy you and reveal all along the way the depth and power of My salvation.

You are abiding.  You are dwelling with Me in spite of the surrounding circumstances.  Rest, rest, rest in the finished work of the Cross, you who have set your love upon Me.’

Thankful for His grace and mercy,


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His Heart is Set on YOU

Do you know that God’s heart is set on YOU?

When we make a decision to walk in the ways God has set out for us we soon realize several things that melt our hearts with love for Him.   And when we do walk in His ways, His heart melts with love for us!

As Lord of All, He is Kind, Benevolent, Merciful and Gracious – He is these things towards us and we are the first in His heart.  His heart is set on us and will not be moved.

His thoughts towards us are as the sand of the sea…we will never comprehend or fully know how much He is always thinking about us and how He considers us to be the shiny, untarnished, unblemished apple of His eye.

His heart is set on you and He is determined that the good and perfect plans He has made for you and for me come to pass in our lives.  He has our very best interests uppermost in His heart – how can we hold onto stubborn, stiff necked pride in the face of the pure love of the King?

As we learn the art and discipline of yielding to the Lord’s Word, we will begin to see the level of purity rise up in our life.  Sin no longer holds the sparkle of excitement that it did in times before we discovered the joy of repentance.

  Instead we are filled with a greater desire to press into the Lord, to accept the taking of His yoke upon us and shoulder the ease of His burden and the lightness of His yoke.  A yoke keeps us in step with one another and brings balance to the work that needs to be done.  It is no longer all my thing, all my doing.

Can you just imagine it – you and Jesus walking the way of life – His wisdom whispered in your ear always guiding and leading you.  Your life full and rich with the blessing of God because you have chosen to heed His directives.

  There may come times when we want to wander off for a spell in the pastures that look lusher and greener on the other side of the fence and yet His yoke ever so gently reminds us of our need of repentance, and to just allow Him to shower and enfold us in His love.  Soon we will find that our energies and focus are on living a life of obedience to Him.

Learning to be obedient to His Voice and to His Word helps us to walk in step with Him and brings us that much closer to fulfilling the highest law of all – the Law of Love.   In verses 5 & 6 of Psalm 119, the Psalmist’s words of desire give us a very clear picture when he says, with great passion in his heart, “Oh that my ways were directed to keep Your statutes, then I would not be ashamed when I look into all Your commandments”.   He,  like me, and maybe just like you, is recognizing traits about himself that are ungodly, displeasing even to himself!

Shame will not triumph over us!  We have the overcoming victory by choosing to obey the Word of God! The gentle leading of the Holy Spirit at work in us has a purpose – to overcome our natural, unrestrained by the Word of God behavior!  

I have learned that gentleness, an active force of of the Holy Spirit, creates something new in my soul.  It tames the unruliness within me and brings me into subjection to the Word of God.  I like it when that happens!  Praise begins to flow from my lips and I thank God for teaching me how to live His Word.

They are no longer rote words of law – I have experienced and seen the change they have brought to the hidden, inner parts of myself that I would rather not have to deal with.  I have been learning the perfect love of the Lord.  Have you?  

Let’s commit to allowing the Holy Spirit access to our souls where our lack of restraint has run rampant.  In our day to day lives let’s learn to be sensitive to what He is speaking to us so that His Voice becomes the loudest voice in our days and then, let’s hasten to obey.  Soon we will find that our obedience to His leading and to His Word become a superbly natural part of the way we live.

Will you let Him reign in all aspects of life so that in turn He can bring blessing to every area of your life?

Remember, beloved, His heart is set on YOU!         

with you in His palm 

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The Logistics of Love

Keeping the commandments-the greatest one love for God and love for people drives us to abide in the love of God.  His word teaches us the logistics of love.

What sweeter place can there be?  What better hiding place when we discover we do not have the natural ability to love as He has.

When we find it difficult to keep the commandment to love we then must choose to obey by faith the Lord’s instructions to love and to meditate on what He has taught us about the logistics of love.  

I shall love the Lord my God, I shall because I am obliged to do so – I obey and the fruit of my obedience is blessing!  And His enabling power to love who I cannot.

When we have chosen to deliberately set our wills to love God by our obedience to His Word we will discover that we are abiding in His love and living out of that determination to keep the Father’s commandments.

How many times are our hearts apprehensive when we hear the words of Jesus speak to our hearts to love one another just as He has loved us?  It isn’t everyone of us who is easy to love after all!

One might think He was asking too much of us until we consider Jesus who said and continues speaking out the truth that ” we are His friends if we keep on doing the things which He commands us to do” see John 15:14.

But I have called you My friends, because I have made known to you everything that I have heard from My Father.  I have revealed to you everything that I have learned from Him.”

I have called you My friends…

He looks out at the sea of humanity and declares His friendship with each person.

He looks out at the same sea of humanity, seeing us joined by the blood and He sees the friendship we have with one another.

Jesus said, “I have called you friends” therefore our relationships ought to reflect the honour we show one another, esteeming one another and most of all choosing to walk in  a state of forgiveness, honouring God and honouring His declaration of who we are.

We are His friends as we continue in doing what He has commanded us to do – loving one another with a fervent and sincere heart.

Love is patient.  God has filled our hearts with Himself – the character deep within our hearts is made of pure love – the exact nature of God.  We allow the patience of His character to be seen in us when we exhibit a patient attitude towards others.

When Jesus said, “I have called” He was declaring a prophetic utterance and those words have gone forth into the earth and into our lives.

Do we have ears to hear, are we willing to listen?  Can we tear down those walls of obstruction and obscurity and have clarity in hearing the call?  Jesus speaks to the depth of our spirits in His call “I have called you friends.”

The Hebrew word for priest is “kohen” which comes from the root ken.

Ken” is spelled “kaph-nun” – the kaph is a picture of an open hand and means open, the nun is a picture of a seed.  Ken then means an opening of a seed.  When the seed opens the roots sprout to form the base for the plant and provides the support.  The stalk then rises up straight and stiff.

The word ken is also the word for “yes” – Yes I will be firm in this (decision to obey, to love…)

As kings and priests unto our God may each one of us recognize the need to stand firm and strong, our roots buried deep in God’s rich Word so that our stalk, our lives, our fruit, will resemble the exact representation of God.

A hard call, yes.  But there is One who says we can do all things through and by the mighty infusing of His strength and power.  

He is the same today calling to your heart.  Can you hear Him?

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with you in His palm