Synchronized and Abandoned

Have you ever watched a group of synchronized swimmers and marveled at the unity of their actions, admired their grace and flexibility?  You can tell they have abandoned themselves to the program, abandoned themselves to the music and the feel of the water. 

As a group of synchronized swimmers, they have trained and practised for many hours, disciplining themselves to the hard work of synchronizing with the other.  Their movements must all be the same, – synchronized, and each one must move like the other, in tune with the music and according to the movements, the teacher has planned.

They abandon themselves to the lesson and put on a glorious show.  If they had abandoned the lesson there would be no synchronized movements, no beauty and grace to see.

We can abandon our trust in God and experience stress and ultimate failure or we can abandon ourselves to trusting God and trust Him to be working on our behalf to turn things for good.

There is quite a difference!

A building can be abandoned and left to ruin and is not fit for habitation.

You and me together and all believers everywhere, we are the habitation of Almighty God.  He is building in our characters, holiness, dedication, consecration ~ Abandonment to God!

We abandon our old ways of doing and thinking and abandon ourselves to taking on the mind of Christ by believing His Word.  We abandon ourselves to the promises and truth of His Word.

We choose to fret not.  We choose to trust!  In our abandonment, we find great rest for our souls.

We look at our seemingly impossible, hopeless appearing situations and shake our heads not being able to figure out how to get beyond this barricade of trouble.

But God!  But, our God, who stills the noise of the seas and stills the noise of their waves, is all the time working on our behalf for good.  Why?  Because He told us in His word that His plans for us are good, they are plans that will give us a future filled with hope in His unchanging, unfailing promises.

Beloved, we can trust Him with the seemingly impossible circumstances of our daily lives, no matter how fraught with trouble they are.

The ‘seas’ cover three quarters of this big ole earth ~ that is a huge expanse of water with tides ebbing and flowing unceasingly and with such steadiness that man is able to forecast a low or high tide right to the minute.

The stormy seas are magnificent (especially if you are on land!), they are fearful (if you are on the water!) and always awe inspiring.  When we remember the story of the disciples in the boat at night when the storm arose, in their fear they woke up Jesus.  He arose.  Christ arose.

Over the noise of the seas, His Voice rang out, ‘Peace, be still’.

The seas calmed as did the hearts of the disciples.  The seas calmed but the noise of the seas and the noise of the waves did not.

The noise is a natural consequence of the movement of the waters and it is beyond comprehension, impossible to fathom, and impossible in the natural for the noise to cease.

Yet, God, our God stills the noise of the seas and stills the noise of its waves.

Beloved, He is able to calm all our fears, bring peace to our souls so our hearts fully trust Him without reservation.  Will you join me and synchronize your spirit, soul and body with His Word so we can trust Him with complete abandon?

Abandon yourself in the Ocean of His Love.  You will float beloved, He will carry and sustain you and supply every need you may ever have.

Will you trust Him wholeheartedly?  I am learning as He peels away different layers and shows me what I am trusting in, instead of trusting in the Lord and allowing the Lord to be my confidence.   He will never fail us for His love for us is too great. 

In the Ocean of His great love, let us be abandoned to His love and become the synchronized body of Christ.

Beckoned by the King,


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He Does All Things Well

Psalm 119:18 Open my eyes Lord that I might see wondrous things from Your Word.

It truly is wonderful to know that when we talk to the Lord He hears us and answers us. Surely, it is true that our God?  He does all things well!

 We can share the most intimate secrets of our hearts with Him and He never turns His back on us, He never ignores our heart cry. He does not have an attitude of superiority even though He is holy and pure, true and altogether lovely, completely without sin…and expects us to be the same.

Our God is Awesome, Amazing and a Very Present Help

He is amazing the way He takes our lives and creates something of great beauty.  He never leaves us alone while we go through our fiery trials, He is right there in the fire with us and His gentle hand is refining us, shaping us, and perfecting us that we might reflect the fullness of the Image of the Son.  He is with us in the fire.  He is with us and turns us at just the right moment when it feels like the fire is too hot.

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Faith and Fishing

I realized the other day that the selling of our home is much like FAITH and FISHING!

Very loosely, our realtor can be likened to our Father God…very loosely likened but I think you’ll get the gist.  Our realtor is good, we trust him, our plans align with his and he is working on our behalf.  That sounds like our Father doesn’t it!

I can’t see what he is doing day by day, I just have to trust his integrity, trust and believe that he is doing what he said he would and could do ~ sell our house.  He knows our time frame and my job is to trust our realtor.  Trust that he will accomplish the plan.  That sounds a lot like faith!

We don’t have to second guess decisions we have made that have carried us to this point in time.  We waited on the Lord so we would have total peace before Bruce chose his retirement day.  We figured (he) figured out many scenarios regarding finances and life in general and came to a mutual agreement that September 1, 2015 would be his retirement day.  We are on the ten week countdown.  After thirty years with the same company, that isn’t much time…

The timing happens to coincide with these projects that are being planned for North East BC.  (read post here where I share how I trusted in those plans) That coinciding is not an ‘accident’ because the Lord and Bruce and I are working and living cooperatively.  Together, trying to mesh hearts and wills and lives.

God gives grace for those times we miss it, but this time of selling our home is not one of those times of ‘missing it’.

We have to trust God’s word of truth that a man plans his way but the Lord directs his step.  Proverbs 16:9

When we apply that truth to our circumstance, when we rub it all over our days, the Lord truly can be the One in whom we have confidence.

Oh and fishing!  How does our house selling relate to fishing?  Well, we have a great home (the lure), we are in a great location (where the fish are biting), the lure has been let down into the water (when it was advertised for sale) and now we have to do what any good fisherman will do well.  WAIT!

The Lord says, ‘Be still and know I am God.  Be still in your waiting and have confidence in Me.’

When we took our grandson fishing a few years ago,DSC_0089 Bruce taught him how to tie the (hmm, I am content to take the readied line and drop it over the side of the boat, enjoy the sun, the sparkles on the water, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves, spotting the eagles’ lookout) Bruce was teaching him how to prepare the line and how to count the lengths as he let his line down.  Anyways, the point of this is that Jeremy would reel his line in every few minutes for one reason or another ‘just to check’.DSC_0077 - Copy - Copy

He hadn’t matured to the point where he was able to trust that his Grandpa had taken us to the perfect spot, given him a proven lure and was operating the boat at optimum efficiency for catching fish!DSC_0107

When I tie these scenarios together, I come up with this:

I can trust the Lord my God.  I can look back over forty years and remember many of the difficult circumstances and know that the Lord led me and navigated the way through the wilderness.  He allured me with His love in the dry and barren places and made His sound known to me.  I have seen His faithful provision time after time, always right on time.  He has provided and blessed and stretched and taught me how to dig my roots deeper into the soil in His garden of grace and truth.  He is not going to take His eyes off me now, nor will He stop thinking about me or cease in plans of goodness for a future filled with hope in His promises!

The Lord is my helper, I can and will trust and be confident in Him.


Can you think of areas in your life where you need to trust and just be confident in the Lord your God?

Beckoned by the King,



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Blessed are Those Who Walk in His Way

Psalm 119: 1

Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the Law of the Lord.  Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, who seek Him with the whole heart.

Isn’t this just an amazing testimony for way back when in the time of David, Anointed Shepherd and King?  Before Jesus, before the Holy Spirit, before even the time when we had the luxury to read our Bibles, use different versions and cross references and concordances?

The author of Psalm 119 is telling us straight out that as he looked upon people’s lives, he saw a difference with those who were devoted to God and who chose to keep the Law of the Lord.  These words are showing us the heart of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  It is a heart full of love for us, the precious and beloved work of His hands.  These few words reveal the richness and depth of His thoughts towards us and they reveal that He has plans of goodness to pour into our lives.  The unspoken admonition is “When you hear His call, heed the Voice”.

In every society we have signposts that mark our level of prosperity and often they drive people into overwork and debt.

We can become so caught up in our lives, in the materialistic side of life, always looking at the green grass on the other side of the fence, trying to attain the achievements of another, that we completely miss and and miss out on the blessing of God within our own life.

We are called to a singleness of heart, to pursue truth, to live the Law of the Lord. If the giants of faith in the Old Testament could do it, how much more can we who have the ever present help of the Holy Spirit and a Bible?

Just as David watched the lives of others, so too, people are watching the progress of our lives.  Can satisfaction and contentment, peace and joy be seen upon us as we walk through the daily routines of life?

How many times I have looked at the lives of other Christians, seen the evidence of the blessing of God upon them and wondered if I would ever reach that state of blessedness.  Did I ever give thought to what it cost them?  The answer is Yes! and I wondered how we become so personal and intimate with Almighty God that His will is actually known and lived out by me.

Over the years I have learned that part of growing in intimacy with God comes through my repentance.  My acknowledgement of sin and even greater, my acceptance of His forgiveness.

My heart was apprehended by His love when I experienced the reality and freedom of forgiveness, felt the buoyancy in my heart when I realized the truth – that the power of the shed blood of Jesus had cleansed my conscience from acts that lead to death in order to serve the Living God. Hebrews 9:14  

  No longer did I need to bemoan and lament over the things I had done wrong in my life – the Scripture was clear – it became a light to my path.  The Blood of Jesus not only brought me forgiveness of sin, it went even farther and deeper and brought beautiful cleansing to my conscience.

The result of accepting this cleansing is humility within our hearts and unity with the undefiled who walk in the way of the Lord.  We are no longer stubborn and bullish in our attitude toward repentance.  We are no longer stiff necked and proud thinking we can do our own thing and go our own way.  One of the miraculous things that happens when we choose whole hearted repentance and obedience is the yoking that takes place with other believers.

There is a strength imparted to us when we yield to that yoking, together we can work through difficult areas in our lives, together we can overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Together, with the Holy Spirit’s help and the Word of God to light our way we can plow through the untilled land of our lives. With the Lord’s help, the crooked places will be made straight and the high and unholy places of idolatry shall be cast down, no more to be rebuilt, for we have given the first place in our hearts to the Lord who is our God.

Do you have some untilled soil in your heart that you need to yield to His sickle and plough?  Are you ready to walk in new depths of forgiveness, freedom and joy?  I am!

Beckoned by the King


Trusting with Our Whole Heart

Ever have those days that just don’t seem to go the way you expect or hope for?  The Lord showed me today that it isn’t always a lack of faith that impedes prayer being answered but rather that we are leaning on our own understanding and not trusting in Him with our whole heart!

One year ago, the Lord gave me this verse in preparation for selling our home:

It is from Proverbs 3:26-27.
For the Lord shall be your confidence, firm and strong, and shall keep your foot from being caught in a trap or some hidden danger. Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due (its rightful owners (or in our case new owners)) when it is in the power of your hand to do it.

Over the course of this past year, Bruce and I have been faithful in putting our hands to doing good with the idea of blessing the new owners. We have looked after and cared for every corner of this home and done as much as our hands were able to do.

Today we can walk through this home and know we have left nothing untouched. We desire to pass on a blessing to the new owners and we want to bless the new owners with a well cared for home.  Today, I am saying, Father bless the work of our hands.  May the favour of the Lord rest upon us, upon this house and land and establish for us the work of our hands.2015-05-12 14.02.31

And there it is plainly written in clear ink.  He doesn’t want me to miss this.

And the Lord shall be your confidence.’

It is God’s intent that I shall have my full confidence in Him.  He knows the way I take and He knows my weakness and frailty; my tendency to lean in and trust in my own understanding.

He has shown me my need to repent for leaning on my own understanding as it pertains to selling the house.  I leaned on it when I thought of all the big projects that are in progress for the North and I fully expected the house to be sold immediately. 

That was my hope and prayer anyway because I didn’t think I would like to or be able to keep the house in show ready condition.  And there it is again…the leaning on my own understanding. 

Little did I know that I would LIKE keeping my home in show ready condition!  I have been learning discipline in a little different area and I am thoroughly enjoying the end result.  There are still areas I need to shore up on, but as I grow there will always be areas I need to shore up on.

When the first people came through on the first showing and didn’t buy it, I knew then this experience would be different from when we sold in Hanna AB.  Then, the couple had made an offer even before the for sale sign was in the ground!  I know God rarely does the same thing twice, so I should have known better.

As the Lord has been revealing to me about my leaning on my own understanding, I can see how I have swerved from the Way of  trusting and relying completely on Him.  As I read Proverbs 3:5-6 I am not blind to the fact that it clearly tells us we are to trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not upon our own understanding.  In every area of life we are to acknowledge Him and He will direct and make straight and plain our path.  But first, we must be trusting Him with our whole heart.

God is holy and righteous and is not going to change in order to fit into my errant ways.  Instead, He is going to mold me and shape me and sometimes that means I am in the refining fire having the dross of my life removed.  (That’s where I have been lately!)

He will clearly reveal to my heart the folly of my ways and leaves it up to me to make a change.  He has given me a choice and I choose repentance.  You see, I was imagining scenarios of what would be taking place up here in view of some of the big projects that have been announced.  And right now? today, it doesn’t look a bit like what I was imagining and trusting in!

And so I choose and turn from being wise in my own eyes and decide once again to worship and trust the Lord my God.  My Father says He will teach me in the Way of skillful and godly wisdom.  I may be a bit of a slow learner but He reminds me to look around, look back and see all the upright paths He has led me on.

On that path of uprightness?  He promises that my steps will not be hampered, my path will be clear and open and when I run I shall not stumble.  But Beloved, the key is to be trusting in the Lord with all of our hearts.  He accepts nothing else!

Oh, the goodness of God’s word!  No immediate sale of our home would have taught me about, or revealed to me this deeper layer of trusting God with all my heart.  His plans for me are good and His timing is perfect.

Proverbs 3:13-14 says I am blessed, fortunate, happy and to be envied because I have found and chosen to cleave to skillful and godly wisdom, drawing it forth from God’s word and life’s experiences.

The gaining of wisdom is better than the gaining of silver, and the profit of it better than fine gold.

One more experience in life to teach me why God’s word is greater than gold!  Nothing can be compared to the amazing Wisdom and love of God.

Can you think of some areas God is wanting you to wholly trust in His Word, His Name and His heart?  I need to trust His Name of Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides.

Beckoned by the King,




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