The Rest in the Wrestle

Filling this blank screen with words has been almost as difficult as getting my husband to rest while he had the flu bug over the last two weeks!  I thought, while he was resting I would have lots of time to read the word and write a post or two.  Alas, it was not the case as he enjoyed my lemon and honey hot drinks and homemade chicken broth so much I barely even glanced at the computer.  

Ministering to him in those little ways has been well worth it.  He is on his feet again and back at work.   I love him dearly and want him well.  I want our relationship to continue long into the years.  This was the first time in thirteen years I have seen him ill and I didn’t like it.

He has seven months of work left before he retires and we enter into a brand new phase of life.  It’s not as if the change is going to just be him not working after that day either.  Our plan is to have the house sold, our belongings packed up with the movers, load certain items into the motorhome and be ready to drive halfway across the country to our retirement home the very same day possibly.  We are going to move to a ‘new land the Lord has shown us’.  This is our dream and our plan.  I have seen the fruit of when my husband dreams and plans.  The motorhome and our retirement home are proof of his dreaming.

He has a dream and vision for long life too.  God has given him vision and creativity and he seems to be able to walk his way through life with a face-to-face relationship with Jesus.  Never doubting or disbelieving His presence or His word, his faith never wavering.  He rests in the finished work of the Cross. I never saw it waver during the bout with prostate cancer, never have I heard a doubting word cross his lips once in the last three years.  He just. Simply. Believes. God’s Word.

I have wrestled in the past two weeks, and in truth, the wrestling has been building up for a little while now.  Compromise is not a part of my heart plan and yet I see it creep into the body of Christ in subtle and oh so beautiful ways.  It’s so easy to go with the flow but not have it be the direction Jesus wants us to go.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a headache, sore throat and a funny feeling tummy.  I have no tolerance to pain at all so after Bruce went to work, I went back to bed but instead of sleeping; I spoke to my head, my throat and my tummy and told them to be well. I spoke the power of the blood over them and told my body to come into alignment with the word of God that says I am healed.  1Peter 2:24 – by whose stripes you were healed.

 I know these were just minor ailments but the point is, our words carry the power of life or death, blessing or cursing and when my words spoke life over myself, I received. Within minutes, the headache was gone

Far faster than any Tylenol I have taken!  Colossians 3:16 encourages us to ‘let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.’  All I did was speak out the word that dwells in my heart.  I sang it over myself as I made up songs of praise exalting the Lordship of Jesus, praising Him for being my Healer.

All the rest of the day the verse, “He is who faithful over very little will be ruler over much” was rolling around in my spirit. I sensed the Lord was trying to get me to understand that when we are faithful to speak His word over the small irritants of life, when the big things come we will be used to having His word on our lips. Because we have hidden His word in our hearts, the only natural outcome for us will be to speak and declare His word of healing power. When we do this speaking of the word we will rule, we will take our kingly positions seriously and watch before our very eyes the decrees happening. 

I tried to rest but the Lord showed me about “rest”, – and it knocked my socks off- the Hebrew word for ‘rest’ is Nuach. It means absence of movement or activity, Being Settled in a Particular Place with Finality, Victory, Security or Salvation. This day, my soul is settled in the absolute truth of the Word of our God. My soul is settled in a particular place, the word of the Lord is my heart’s resting place and it is there that I am secure in the victory He has won for me!  He has won it for all of humanity.  There is no disease too great or too far gone that He cannot heal and raise us up. 

It becomes a matter of where we choose to stand right at the onset.  Will we stand in the River of Living Water with our feet planted and our roots going down deep or will we be a little bit unsure and stand a bit closer to the rocks and the thin soil? 

When Jesus paid the price on Calvary He paid in full for our righteousness and healing.  Matthew 27:33 says they took Him to the place of Golgotha, that is to say, Place of the Skull.  I wonder if perhaps, that is to encourage us to know our minds can be renewed by His word

I am enclosing this video because it too speaks of the words of our mouths being in agreement with God’s words.  Science has also proven that the mind can bring about healing to the body (think of all the studies on the placebo effect) and Jesus has said as a man thinks in his heart so is he He says we are healed, set free from the law of sin and death.

Proverbs 10:32 The lips of the uncompromisingly righteous know what is acceptable.

Proverbs 10:31  The mouths of the righteous, those harmonious with God bring forth skillful and godly wisdom.

Luke 16:10  He who is faithful in very little will be ruler over much.

Hebrews 4:3  For we who have believed, adhered to and trusted in and relied on God do enter that rest…His works have been completed and prepared and waiting for all who would believe.

Hebrews 4:11  Let us therefore be zealous and exert ourselves and strive diligently to enter that rest of God, to know and experience it for ourselves, that no one may fall or perish by unbelief and disobedience.

In the 20th meditation of Beckoned by the King, we are looking at Psalm 119:153-160.  The Hebrew alphabet letter for this section is “Resh”.  The literal meaning is ‘front of the forehead’.  Symbolic meaning is ‘person, head, highest’.

Next time we will look at our face to face relationship with Jesus. Today I answered the Bible study question, ‘When you are afflicted, can you say with the Psalmist that you do not forget or forsake the Word of God?’

Exalting Him with you,


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One Word ~ 2015

I have learned the past few years that when God gives me a word for the year, I can trust that He has good reason behind His choosing.  The past three years have been vastly different words and yet each one has built upon the other.  Last year the word ‘Definition” was a result of that which I was able to ‘Receive’ from Him after a year where He taught me how to ‘break bread’ with Him.

The one word for 2015 is ‘Know”.  Many thoughts come to mind as I mull this word over.explore

It can be a year of learning to know Him better, it may be a time of being still and know that He is God, or know that all things work together for good.  Whatever He wants to teach me, I am open to learning from Him and having further renewal of my mind take place.

On Monday and Tuesday as I was writing out the names of God and the meanings for them, I came across one I had never heard before.  It is “El Gibhor” ~ Mighty God and the word here to be magnified above His name is found in Isaiah 9:6.  The Name is describing the Messiah, Christ Jesus as the Mighty and Powerful Warrior.  The Messiah, the Mighty God will accomplish the destruction of God’s enemies and rule with a rod of iron.

Later on I was reading Psalm 138 and Psalm 32:7 “You are a hiding place for me. You, Lord, preserve me from trouble. You surround me with songs and shouts of deliverance.

Psalm 138 is speaking to us here of when we have established a habit of praise we will stand in the face of adversity and continue to praise. We will not back down or be afraid of the giants who have cropped up in the land.

We will worship with our faces fully turned toward Him and praise and bless His holy name.

We will praise Him for His lovingkindness and His truth and we will bow down and thank Him for magnifying His word above all His Name stands for.

His word is magnified above all His Name.

Trust it beloved, trust it, stand on it and let your soul be rooted in the word of God so when you have done all, you can continue to stand tall.

He will make you bold with strength in your soul.

Now picture El Gibhor surrounding you in your time of hardship with shouts and songs of deliverance.  

Can you imagine the turmoil and absolute helplessness of the enemy when he not only hears our voices lifted in praise, but he hears the Voice of the Lord as HE lifts up HIS voice in our defense?

Is your heart wowed, just absolutely wowed as you picture El Gibhor, your Strong Tower and Refuge, surrounding you in your times of trouble with shouts and songs of deliverance? 

Yes, He makes us bold with strength in our souls.  Yes.  He has made us more than conquerors through Christ Jesus ~ through His shouts and songs of deliverance!

Praising Him with you,

with you in His palm

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What Does it Mean to Know Him

It seems fitting for the first post of 2015 to focus on the putting away of sin.  To let go of all the hurts and disappointments of 2014, all the memories of supposed failure, let it all just slip away.

It seems such a God thing that I am on the 19th stanza (Psalm 119: 145-152) in Beckoned by the King where the Hebrew alphabet header is Qoph, meaning back of the head, the last, the least or behind.

In this chapter, the Great Lover of our Souls speaks these words to our hearts:

To walk in the fullness of My blessing is to walk in surrendered obedience, considering yourself dead to sin.  Anything not of faith is sin; therefore, in the midst of your difficulty, before you see even a hint of change in your circumstances, praise Me.  Wait upon Me, wait for Me and watch for My salvation.  As you give heed to the blameless way, you will find Me quick to come to you.  Keep the walls of your heart full of integrity and set no worthless thing before your eyes.  Let those things see the back of your head as you turn fully away from them.  Run to Me and I shall revive you by the power of My word and even by so much as My breath upon your cheek.  My glory falls in the beauty of holiness.

Haltingly and with great respect for the power of the written word, I pen these words, spilling from a heart aching for truth, aching in the longing to know Him.

What is truth?  The answer to that question is Jesus.  Jesus is the word made flesh Who dwelt among us; Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Our lives are hidden with Christ, in God; we are tucked away, safe in the refuge of God’s heart.

We are the righteous, redeemed and restored ones.  We are the beloved of the Lord, we are the ones for whom Jesus took the beatings and shed His blood.

We are the ones for whom His blood has brought and bought for us redemption of our sin and healing for all our sickness and disease.

When we know and believe the truth, we are set free from the law of sin and death at work in our bodies.

To know… what does it mean to know…the truth?

In the Hebrew culture, knowing something means to become that thing, to do that thing; to take it upon ourselves so that we become “just like” through experiential living.

When a young lad wanted to study under a rabbi in Jesus’ time, after pleading with the rabbi to accept him as a student, the rabbi would test the boy to discover if he would be an acceptable candidate.  Once accepted, the lad embarked upon a lengthy training period.  It took commitment, focus and discipline as a student.

And here’s the thing ~ the boy wasn’t learning just so he could prove to the rabbi his ability to repeat back what he had been taught.

He had come to KNOW his teacher; he had learned how to be just like him!  He learned how to have experiential knowledge of the truth that gave depth and brought to life that which he had learned.

…I’m sensing I am in deep ocean waters and there is life, great life here.  Trusting Him to show me how to stand in this place of depth…

Jesus and the Father are one ~ they know each other and Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing.  Can you see the comparison between the lad and the rabbi?

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  Jesus is the word of God made flesh ~ flesh beaten, blood poured out that we might know Him and become just like Him.

We have the opportunity beloved, to know Jesus.

To live His truth.

To know His truth in our experiences as we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

When we become aware of areas of sin in our lives, we don’t accept it do we?  (I hope we don’t)  We obey the word in Colossians 3:8 where it tells us to put away and rid ourselves completely of these things.  We want to know experientially the truth of God’s word and obedience to His word gives us that opportunity.

To know truth is to be just like Jesus.  We know the truth and it sets us free because experientially, our lives are in alignment with His word, with Him.

There is so much on my heart as He is sharing with me about the knowing of Him and the writing of truth.  I know He has called me, anointed me and qualified me to write words of truth and there is a burning in my heart as I listen and allow Him to teach me and guide me into all truth.  Into the very heart of my Jesus.  I invite you and welcome you to travel this journey with me.

Listen!  Can you hear Him as He beckons you to follow hard after Him and to pant for Him as the deer pants for the water?

I bless you and leave you with a question for your heart to meditate on.

In the midst of difficulty, before you see any change are you making it a habit to praise God?  Do you look forward to spending time with Him just because you love Him and are less concerned about whether or not your answer to prayer has come?


Listening that I may know Him more,                                                                       


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Words Whispered in Dance of Intimacy

In the circle of His embrace…isn’t that where we all long to dwell?

Dwelling daily in His presence, abiding forever in His love and living lives that are rich and overflowing with His abundant blessings…sometimes this can feel like a dream when we are walking through the valleys and listening for the way He wants us to take around the mountains of difficulty that crop up in our lives.

There is blessing in the hard place too.  Blessing beyond our natural comprehension and understanding because it is supernatural joy and provision.  We need His provision in our journeys because only He knows exactly what we need when we have need of it.

On the hard road there is joy.

Mary and Joseph walked a hard road long before they hit the road to Bethlehem but their hearts were set on obedience to God.  They chose to put forth their whole hearts in loving the Lord their God and He saw to it that their hearts did not fail or falter; neither did they tremble in unbelief when trouble came their way.  God supernaturally provided an amazing angelic support system for them.

Oftentimes we want the angelic visitations without the hardship!  Come close, lean in to His embrace and listen!

“When your soul is at rest there is no longer a clashing of our conflicting wills.  Peace and joy walk hand in hand and they will lead you into the way of righteousness as you walk with an undivided and undiluted heart within My kingdom.  There shall be harmony within your soul; the song you sing will echo the song in My heart for you.

You shall skip, dancing with joy for you have entered into the joy of your Lord and you see your life changing all around.  There becomes a clear and new dimension that you walk in as you gaze upon the beauty of My grace and keep on seeking My face.

Come freely into the circle of My embrace; dance with Me as an expression of your love and joy.  Dance with joyous abandon-take My hands and let Me lead you in a dance of intimacy.

You are so precious to Me and I long to show you My heart, My tender and compassionate heart full of unbridled love for you.  You are My treasure and you  bring great pleasure to Me.  I will never hurt you or betray your love.  In your dance with Me I long for you to experience the purity of My love.

So, just come into the circle of My embrace.  Let Me show you that the purity and truth of My words stands forever.  My wisdom is as pure as My love, it is considerate and gentle, full of compassion and good fruit.

You are protected by My compassion, for it shields you, nurtures you and brings nourishment to you.  My compassion causes you to grow strong even as it breaks your heart in order to bring healing.  It is always your choice as to whether or not you surrender.

It is always My choice to love unconditionally and without measure.

The joy of love will ease the pain of the cutting of the uncircumcized heart.  The joy of love will welcome Me in the harvest field of hearts with My reaping hook in hand.  The joy of love will cause your heart to run to Me and to not shrink back.  You will allow Me to cut away the growth that does not please me and give you greater  understanding that you may live out of the abundance I have laid hold of for you.

Enter into the joy of Jesus and live your lives making room for the glory of God to dwell within you .  Make decisions that will see your flesh patterns decrease and die and then you shall see the truth of the shining glory of God within you blazing for the unsaved world to see.”

Are you facing mountainous challenges in your life?  Are you unsure of the way He wants you to take?  Then beloved, lean in and listen to the words of wisdom He longs for your heart to hear.  He loves you with an everlasting love and there is nothing too hard for Him, there is nothing that is too much for Him to do for you.  Know that beloved.  Know, in the deepest part of your heart that there is nothing too hard for your King to do for you.

Listen!  Can you hear Him as He directs your steps and speaks truth to your heart?

Listening with you,


An exerpt from Beckoned by the King.  Devotional section Psalm 119:137-144.  The Hebrew alpabet letter for this section of verses is ‘Tsadhe’ – it resembles a scythe or reaping hook or sickle which were the main instruments used to harvest.

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The Manifest Jesus Carried

It was only six thirty in the evening when he said he would like to go to bed early.  The past few days had been full of stress and I gladly acquiesced, very pleased at the thought of escaping the whirlwind of thoughts swirling in my brain.

Not much time passed before I could tell by the rhythm of his breathing that he had found the blissful state of sleep.  But it was not to be so for me.  I was about to experience the most amazing revelation of the truth I have ever experienced in my life!

All of a sudden, the word ‘Manifest’ was written in my mind and the thought of a truck driver’s manifest labelling the cargo he carried filled my trying to sleep moments.

I sensed the Lord softly speaking, urging me to take the thought further and it went something like this:

The driver has a manifest describing the cargo he is carrying on his truck, he is carrying it to bring it to us at a certain destination point. 

I saw in my mind a picture of a huge semi-truck loaded with water, milk, bread, meat, wine, oil and spices.  The trailer had written on its sides ‘Everything You Need for Life and Godliness”.  The driver travels cross-country to his destination and he always carries on him, the manifest listing the goods on board.  When the truck is unloaded, the contents correspond with the manifest and the contents are manifest, they are palpable, real.

The Father’s words came and the truth and power in them cut through the fear that had been trying to take hold in my heart.

“I have always known a temporary solution to the ails of society would not manifest for you the life I desire.  I have always wanted for you, My people a life free from the bondages of sin and sickness, disease and lack.  My desire always has been and always will be for a people who are whole and prospering in spirit, soul and body.  When your spirits and souls are prospering from the receiving of truth in your inward beings, so your bodies prosper.  Selah.

I planned a delivery, a delivery that would be paid in full, one time for all of mankind and the contents of the delivery would be available to all for all of time.

At the appointed time, My seed was planted in Mary.  She marveled and magnified My Name.  Her soul blessed Me and I could hear her whisper in wonder, “I Am carrying Life.”

Jesus, My beloved Son, took on the form of embryo and came by way of the womb.

Jesus lived on earth for thirty-three years and He carried a manifest that revealed My promises to you.  The full revealing of the manifest would be at the destination point of the Cross.

Jesus, beaten and pummelled to a pulp, nails hammered into hands and feet and fastened and fixed upon the Cross was lifted up above the sin and sickness, disease and lack rampant in the world.  His wounds became your healing and by His stripes, you were healed.

He gave His life so you could enter into the abundant life I dreamed of and planned for you.  Jesus gave and His giving was so enormous, no price or penalty would ever be paid again.

The manifest of Jesus had My DNA all over it.  When you look and see by faith, below the Cross and covered in the shed blood of Jesus, the contents of His manifest are visible.  The manifest is fully accounted for, all approved and pleasing to Me.

There is no waiting!  Hear Me, there is no waiting.

The manifest of Jesus has been made manifest by the pouring out of His lifeblood.  He has given and emptied Himself and all of that which He carried, and brought to us, He delivered at the Cross.

Healing, divine health, wisdom, understanding, sound minds, vitality, prosperity and many other gifts have been delivered to the Cross.  Everything you have need of to live a life of godliness and contentment have been checked as received and paid in full on His manifest.

All that is required of you, My beloved children, is to come to the Cross by faith and receive what He delivered for you.  You do not have to beg and plead for healing, you do not need to be in want and wonder at provision.  All needs have been met and filled by the rich manifest Jesus delivered.

Do you need healing?  Receive it; scoop it up in your arms at the Cross.  Do you need finances, emotional stability, or any kind of provision?  The provision for every single need you would ever have has been delivered to the Cross.

Come to the Life-giving, cleansing flow of the Blood and receive.  Remind yourself of all the Blood has purchased for you; remind yourself that the power in the Blood far exceeds the sickness, disease or lack.  It is manifest child.  The manifest Jesus carried has been made manifest and the contents of the manifest are free and available to you right now.  The gifts are yours to embrace, they are palpable and real.”

Will you receive?

Loving Him with you,

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