When a Life is Hanging in the Balance

‘Her life is hanging in the balance, it’s uncertain if she has a future.

I’m sorry but we aren’t sure we can do anything to help your daughter without putting her at very high risk.  She is just three pounds.  Open-heart surgery is usually done on bigger babies.  Do you really want to put her through all this?  Maybe you should just think about keeping her comfortable.  Her C02 levels are too high at 75.  Without intervention she dies, the C02 levels will put her to sleep.’

These are the words my friend, Anna heard from her doctor about the life of her now three-pound preemie, Sabreena.

Her life is hanging in the balance.

Her Mama knows this well. I cannot imagine the dunamos power of God at work in her life, enabling and empowering her to get through the days, fraught with tension and still have a smile on her beautiful face.  She walks with grace, beauty and balance, trusting in her God.

But Mama Anna, when she gets discouraged and tired, she reads the word, prays the word over Baby Sabreena; cancels the assignment of the devourer and asks God what He wants her to do.

He reminds her of what He has recently shown her in His word. About Jude, and contending earnestly for the faith which was once and for all given to the saints.  He reminds her of when reading in Romans about the obedience of faith; she sensed God was telling her, her obedience was to have faith.

The longevity and intensity of this trial is wearing on her…while the life of her daughter hangs in the balance.

She holds her beloved, the little one awake, reaching up to touch her Mama’s face.

Mama speaks, choking out her words of love…and then the dunamos power from on high comes…

She commands, she speaks with the authority of a Daughter of the Most High God. She speaks to the C02 levels and commands them to go down in Jesus name.

The Word of God is the ‘Samech’, the balance point. Speak the Word only and my daughter shall be healed…and she was, that very same hour.

Morning breaks with news the C02 levels have gone down to 69. Trusting God to work the miraculous, no decisions regarding surgery are made.

The Lord is at work in Mama’s life too. He shows her how the spirit of fear is trying to dominate her.

The Lord is her strength and high tower, her source of peace and in Him she chooses to find rest.

From that place of quietness and resting confidence in the Lord her God, she focuses on the goodness of God.

He will not fail her.

She speaks again. She calls those things that are not as though they were.  She speaks to the ‘issue’.  She declares to her daughter that her C02 levels are going way down.

She spoke and it was as her words of faith declared. With no medical intervention, the upward trend breaks in the Name of Jesus.  Sabreena’s C02 levels are at 61!

Each answer to prayer is like a leverage point in Anna’s heart.  As she relays the events concerning her daughter, the story of God’s faithfulness will rise high above the retelling.

The Word of God is Anna’s place to stand where she finds balance for her reeling emotions. The word is the balance and we need to know we can stand on it with unswerving trust.  Because we never know whose life hangs in the balance and when our words make the difference between life and death.

Mama Anna, her faith is activated now to believe for the VSD hole in Sabreena’s heart to close so she can breathe on her own. The doctors have been surprised by Sabreena and are happy with her growth and Anna knows it is because the hand of God has touched her.

Family of God, would you stand with Anna and me and believe God to close the VSD hole so she need not undergo open-heart surgery? Will you join me in prayer?

“Father, we thank You for all the days of life that are written in Your book about Sabreena. We thank You for knowing everything about her because You formed and fashioned her in her mama’s womb.  Lord, You say we have not because we ask not, and so right now in Jesus name we are asking You for a touch from Your hand.

We speak to Sabreena’s VSD hole and we say close in Jesus name.

We declare that she will live and not die and all the days of her life, she will sing and speak of the glory of God. We thank You Father for the work You have begun in her life and we thank You for the perfect and complete work You are doing.  We bless You and declare Your goodness over our land.

Thank You for infusing Anna with strength for the battle and for the victories won and the victories yet to be won.  We thank You that in this time she is more than a conqueror and no good thing will You withhold from her.  Thank You for a good report.”

Can You Hear Him?

  1. When you are waiting for His word to give you direction or insight, what is your attitude in the waiting period and why?
  2. When a day of trouble comes upon each one of us, where do the Scriptures tell us is the safest place to be?


Can you hear Him as He speaks words of sustenance to your soul?


 With you in His palm,


I Come Leaning

Inspired by words shared with a friend and the words of Psalm 5, my heart cries out to the One I know hears our heart, knows our  every thought.  He wants our hearts ~ real and raw, garrisoned up by words of truth.

There will always be a reason to lean into God’s arms and trust the love of His heart for us. 

Always.  No matter how good life is, there will always be a reason to lean and trust, lean and trust.

Leaning, we rest against the shield of God’s favor surrounding us.

Leaning, we trust the favor of God,

We trust His promises

We trust His love

We trust Your word, Father; we trust You will hear us when we cry out to You.  Really hear and understand the true motives of our heart.

You defend us.  Your favor is a shield.

In times of fear and dread, You give us reason to rejoice.

Can I just SHOUT IT OUT?

You, Lord God, Maker of heaven and earth,

You defend us!

You bless us, You care for us

Right now, right NOW Father, in the middle of rising fear

You defend us

The shield surrounding us is made up of Your favor.  May we never forget that.

I lean in Jesus.  I trust Your unfailing love.

Your favor is an impenetrable shield withstanding all the fiery darts of the enemy.

For us, for me, Your blood has bought my healing; my husband’s healing, healing for every need.  Shed once, provision for all humanity.

I lean and trust in Your unfailing goodness Lord God.

You defend us.  You give us reason to rejoice.  Lead me Jesus.  Lead me along the path of righteousness.

Covered by mercy, grace and the shed blood of Jesus, I come Lord.

I come leaning

I come trusting

At your feet, I worship.

I love you Jesus,


A Psalm of Trust

Praying Psalm 4 today, September 4, 2014.  A prayer of trust.

Lord, hear me when I call.  You are the God I lean on and trust in.  You are God my Righteousness.  By the sacrifice and blood of Your Son, you have made me altogether and completely righteous.  The blood has forgiven my present, past and future sin.

Would You have mercy on me today, Father, and hear my prayer?

Life forces are coming against me but I declare You are my shield and bulwark, my strong tower and refuge.  In the secret place that is You, Father, I trust.

I know You have set me apart for Yourself.  You are training me in godliness and righteousness.  My heart is comforted knowing You hear me when I call to You.  Your word cautions me to not sin when I am angry.  You do not want me to give the enemy of my soul any legal rights to use against me in the courts of heaven.  I yield to the working of Your Spirit within me.

You encourage me to be still in my heart, still in my soul to calm the rapid beating of my heart in trepidation of what may be coming.  I turn over to You events and circumstances that are worrying me.  I meditate on Your promises to meet any need I may have.

I repent of and turn from my sin of fretting.  I choose instead to offer You my sacrifices of righteousness by actively trusting You.  By speaking out Your word of faith and truth and reinforcing my own heart with it.

My faith and trust, though unseen by me, are visible to You.  I hold them up, here in my hands for You Father, and put my whole hearted trust in You.  You watch over my faith and trust and Your interest gives me gladness of heart.

More than the joy of harvest when there is an abundance of grain and wine, greater than gold is the gladness You have sparked within my heart.  I gave You an offering, a sacrifice of righteousness, choosing to do the right thing by faith, and You overflow my cup with the great joy of my salvation!

When I lie down at night, I am not kept awake by the rumblings of worry, dread and fear.  I lie down in peace and true to Your word of promise, You give me, Your beloved sweet sleep.  You alone O Lord make me dwell in safety.

Thank You for Your grace and mercy, love, compassion and willingness to be a Friend who loves at all times.

I love You Lord,





A Lamp to our Feet

Memories of summers past fill my thoughts these days as I near the last year of my fifties.  I am older than my parents were when they owned property on an island in Howe Sound, BC, a beautiful getaway where for years we tented, hiked, picked huckleberries, swam in the unpolluted salt-water, lanterns shone across the picnic table and flashlights were used if we were going out on the trail in the dark.  There was nothing and nobody on the island to hurt us but it was always scary for me if we visited friends around the bay and had to walk  ‘home’ in the dark.

The twinkling stars and moonlight interrupted the dark as my sisters and brother and I hiked the trails we knew by heart.   One of us girls (usually) had a flashlight and it was comforting to know we could switch it on if the darkness was too thick.  The pools of light would be in circles at our feet and the trees and bushes were just shadowy shapes outside the circle.  When we shone the flashlight outside of our immediate circle, always we would see sets of two lights scattered among the trees.  The eyes of the deer were reflecting the light back to us and even though sometimes I was scared, they were gentle, harmless creatures who knew we would do them no harm.

God’s word is a lamp for our feet, giving light on our path so we know where and how to walk.  Just as a flashlight illuminated our trail in the dark, as we declare and vocalize His words over our circumstances, His word of power will have an effect.  His word will break open the darkness and He will show us the snares the enemy has set, enlarge our path so our feet do not slip and most of all, He will fill our hearts with courage to follow Him.  He will mold and shape our hearts so they become soft, pliable and completely yielded to Him.

At His side, we will stay, intent and listening for His heart to speak.

The lamp of His word gives light to our feet in our present, right where we are path.  Would you like to walk in concert with Him and nevermore stray?

“There is a time of transitioning ourselves from the broad way to the Highway, a time of putting away the nature and desires of the old man and learning to become skilled in the putting on of the new man, walking adeptly with the full armor of God and clear focus.

Having learned the ways of God, let us determine in our hearts that we will keep them.  There is One who walks forever with us, sticking closer than a brother, continually interceding for us and holding out to us the Lamp of Truth.

It is truly liberating when we no longer cry out for grace and mercy to cover us but, instead, live out of the fullness of the Holy Spirit within us.  Purity then brings forth unity as we have learned to live being empowered and emboldened by the Spirit’s holiness.

We flow with Him with grace and beauty, doing His bidding, answering His beckoning.  We have reckoned ourselves dead to sin and fully alive in Christ.  Childish ways are put behind us; we step up to the plate of maturity, recognizing our places as sons and daughters in the Kingdom of God.  We think, speak and act differently than before.  We are clothed in love and humility and everything about us filters and flows through them.

Our flesh and our souls harmonize with our spirits and this unity serves as our protection.  We have been consistent in our concentration to be fully persuaded by the precepts of our Father.

As we run our race, pressing on and pressing in, we begin, through perseverance, to lay hold of the eternal things that Christ Jesus has already attained for us.  We run the race, not having eyes flitting about and arms flailing, but rather, with tunnel vision, keeping our eyes on the goal and knowing that gaining the prize will cost us discomfort to our flesh.

Maturity and fruitfulness walk together, having had as constant companions Grace and Knowledge.  Grace enables us when we need to experience the sufficiency of the Almighty, and Knowledge is the foundation Wisdom and Righteousness build upon.  The one who is all-knowing has prepared and established a path for us and shown us how walk upon it.

Allow His word to be the bait that captures you, His love be the hook upon which your life is held.  Learn to walk in Hs ways.  Learn to trust Him.  Learn to lean into Him and feel the weightiness of His presence.  Let Him set you as a precious jewel as in the breastplate of the High Priest.  Forever He holds you close to His heart; forever He is reminded of you as His shoulders bear your weight.

Can You Hear Him?

In your times of darkness, recount how the word of God has been a light to your feet and caused you to see the path you were to walk.

Has it been hard for you to consistently observe and do the word of God in the face of rivalry?  Have you been aware of any differences when you make the decision to speak the Word only and begin to offer your sacrifices of praise?

Do you find that when you are consistently spending time in the word of God that the snares of the enemy become visible?  Why do you think that is?

Does it fill your heart with joy to realize that nothing can steal the word from your heart – do you understand that they are your inheritance and belong to you?

Have you been learning to flow with the Holy Spirit and develop a keener awareness of Him speaking to you?  Are you applying yourself to listen for His Voice?

Can you hear Him as He stamps your heart with the imprint of His love and the truth of His Word?”  Excerpt from Beckoned by the King, Psalm 119:105-112 where the Hebrew alphabet for this section of Scripture is ‘Nun’ which is likened to concentration.

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with you in His palm

Training my Hands for War

So you know those skillfully worded, heart catching, I want to read more of this, sentences writers are encouraged to have?  This isn’t one of them, its just rough and raw from my heart, but I hope you will read on because the Lord has revealed something to my heart that is revolutionising and radically changing the way I look upon the simple act of picking up a pen and writing. 

In our Beckoned by the King study we are in Psalm 119:97-104.  The Hebrew alphabet assigned to this section of the Psalm is ‘Mem’.  It means fluid like water, has grace and beauty. 

The Words of v.98 are speaking loudly to my heart and especially so as I peruse the papers and current events of the day.  The Psalmist declares that the ‘commands of the Lord give me an edge over my enemies.’  How incredibly appropriate for the people of God in times of horrific circumstances.

The key is pondering and absorbing the counsel of the Lord, seeing His Word before our eyes, meditating on it and letting the power of His Word change us and lead us. It is as we allow His Word to stir our hearts and guide us with His whispered directions that our actions are smarter and wiser (than our enemies).  We will go places He has already prepared for our arrival, He will set up meetings with people and give us a word in season for them.  In order to know what He has revealed, and to ponder it all the day long, we need to have eyes that see beyond the realm of the natural into the supernatural. 

I am no different from the majority of people who are following the horrific stories in the news.  I am dismayed, saddened and want it all to stop.

I don’t want to see photos and wonder about the fear those people are feeling or the abject helplessness the Iraqui Christians may be experiencing.  I don’t want to see any of it or think about the crazy direction this world is heading.  But neither can I harden my heart or turn a blind eye. 

What I can do and will do is declare the Word of the Lord over people and circumstances as He brings them to my attention.  God’s Word, spoken out, heard by Him and His angels will not be void and depleted of power.

God’s Word has the power, is the only power that can instigate real change. 

Therefore, I am choosing, under His direction to yield my hands and fingers to Him and allow Him to train my hands for war and my fingers for battle.  I may not have silver and gold to help out financially, but I have the promises of power in God’s Word which is greater than gold.  His power will transcend boundaries, barricades and battallions. 


 In reading Psalm 144 yesterday, I had an epiphany! I met Jesus in His Word and He said, “I am not holding your hand because I am bored or lost. I am holding your hand by My mighty right hand for a purpose, to fulfill a portion of My plan for you. I am training your hands for war and I am preparing your fingers for battle. How? you ask, by writing out My Word and declaring it over the circumstances of life. As your hands and fingers are trained by Me to write My Word and declare those words into the atmosphere, there will be a shift in circumstances. Trust Me in this.” 

It might be a slow start but there is no time like NOW to jump in to the River of God and let Him move you as He wills.  If I knew how to let you hear my voice I would, but instead, would you lift your voice and let it be heard in the heavens in agreement with my voice and so many others? 

Lord God, I bless You.  I bless Your Holy Name and I thank You for holding Your children by Your mighty right hand.   Thank You Father that Your arm is mighty to save and save to the uttermost it does.  Father, I thank You for Your loving kindness, that You ARE our loving kindness and we hide ourselves in You.  You, God are our fortress, our High Tower and Deliverer.  We trust You.  We declare right now that You are  our Shield, encompassing us round about and it is in You that we find refuge.

For my brothers and sisters persecuted for their faith on the other side of the world from me and yet one in the bond of love, one in Christ, I humbly offer and proclaim this Word of faith over them:

I thank You for Your intimate knowledge of each of Your children.  You are mindful of them, caring for their deepest needs and You have not removed or lost them from Your sight.  Hide them Father, beneath the sheltering power of Your wings, provide a place of comfort for each one.

Shoot out Your arrows and destroy their enemies (for they are ours also) stretch out Your hand, rescue Your people and deliver them from the hand of the foreigners, those whose mouths speak vain words and whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

Let Your people sing, O Lord!  Let praises rise to You from mouths filled with adoration and worship of You, Almighty Holy God.  You will confound the enemy at the sound of praises rising to You.  Father, You are their God and the One who has promised to deliver them speedily.

May sounds of joy, victory and gladness be heard all over the regions of despair as Your people look to You for help and see Your deliverance.

We bless You with the words of our mouths and a two edged sword in our hands, knowing we are cutting through the works of darkness and bringing for the light of the Glory of God.

With you in His palm,


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Counting My Blessings.